Centuries Of Deception
Heic Noenum Pax
[Blood Fire Death]

This LA based blackmetal band plays blackmetal of the raw variety. There are four songs on this mCD. While I really enjoy raw blackmetal, this isn't that good due to their use of a drum machine. Actually, I don't mind drum machines at all as there are many good blackmetal bands utilizing drum machines (Falkenbach and ildjarn for example). The main problem with their use of this instrument lies in the way the songs are mixed. Because the drums are way too dominant it takes away from the atmosphere that the guitar is trying to create. I got around this problem by turning the bass down on my stereo equalizer but it didn't help that much. I really wanted to like this since they seem to be dedicated to the underground ideology but in the end there are better CD's to spend your money on. 5/10

2000 e. nebuchadnezzer