The Black
The Priest of Satan

This is another relatively unknown, yet amazing, old-school Black Metal band (how come most of the well known bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth suck and the truly underground ones leave them in coughing the dust??? My theory is that as soon as a band got some $$$ in their pockets the music suffers…). I bought this CD about a year ago in a second-hand shop for the equivalent of six dollars and I didn’t expect much, I just bought it because it was cheap and the packaging looked dark and evil, but I was extremely surprised, in a good way, after listening to this kick-ass album… this CD fucking rules! The music on this disc is the very essence of evil, and the vocals, while not high-pitched or rasped at all, are very grim and are done by Jon of Dissection (under the more exiting stage name of ‘Rietas’), so you should know what to expect. The guitars (also done by Jon) sound very raw and vile, a perfect Black Metal guitar sound. Of course the riffs, production, drums, and vocals are also all great and fit the music perfectly. Of course many people (like Dimmu Borgir fans…) might not appreciate music such as this, with it’s raw, dark, and vile sound, but don’t fucking listen to them, take it from me, this CD is forty minutes of pure Black Metal vileness and definitely worth the time it might take to track down. It’s truly unfortunate that Jon left this band to focus more on Dissection but at least we still have this CD as their legacy… you must buy this CD… HAIL THE BLACK!!!

Pros: Dark and evil guitar sound, Grim reptilian vokals, nice production, great cover art, impressive music
Cons: I would have liked having the lyrics included…
Style of Music: Bathory style Black Metal
Will Likely Appeal to: Bathory fanatics (like myself)

Overall: Superb – 9.4/10

© 2000 sauron anarazel