Sabbatical Devilucifer

A fine slab of old school black metal - what else would you expect from Gezo and the boys ? Those of you who are already fans of the band won't need much in the way of convincing to pick this up (so long as you can actually locate a copy), and those who aren't familiar with Sabbat (the *only* logical explanation for not being a fan) can sod off for all I care. 4 tracks (All Over The Desolate Land, Blacking Metal, Witch's Mill, Rage Of Mountains) taken from 4 different recording sessions during the years of 1990 to 1994, with the usual Sabbat vibe to them. My personal fave is "Rage Of Mountains", with it's morbid feel and plodding tempo, but there really isn't a bad track in the lot (not something that can be said for a lot of today's releases).

There are far too many mediocre bands that sell bucket-loads of albums while true masters of the genre such as Sabbat go unnoticed, and I for one am sick of it. Go out and buy all the Sabbat you can lay your greasy little hands upon, otherwise don't come crying to me if these boys finally say "enough is enough" and we end up with another Perl Harbour on our hands...

2000 chorazaim