The Return
[Black Mark]

This seemed like a crappy album when it was released, but after all these years and remastering, it's not as crappy. Quorthon's follow up to his vicious, blazing, glorious debut is still muddy, with half the songs being straight ahead, unmemorable black metal aggression (sort of like Venom's "Possessed" LP). The other half is brilliant. Anyone into Dark Throne's early work should check out all of Bathory's pre-viking metal albums. This gets fast...and faster. Well, ok, at the time it came out it was lightning speed and so heavy it would rip your head off. The mid-tempo riffs still grab you when employed. Fave tracks still are Born for Burning, The Rite of Darkness, and The Return of The Darkness And Evil.

Revelation of Doom/ Total Destruction/ Born for Burning/ The Wind of Mayhem/ Bestial Lust/ Possessed/ The Rite of Darkness/ Reap of Evil/ Son of The Damned/ Sadist/ The Return of The Darkness And Evil.

2000 mlotek