Ancient Kings
[Northern Heritage]

One look at the cover and I knew this would be a great CD. I've always felt that the cover art of a release is very important because it brings about images in your head as you listen to the music, and a snow covered graveyard in the middle of a forest is sets the mood perfectly for this release. As for the inside you wont find pictures of the band or even a who does what, but instead catchy slogans that truly give off the spirit of first and second wave BM like "play it loud sucker" and "Kill the posers!" This was originally released as a 10" by Hostile Regression, but now Northern Heritage has pressed it onto CD in a very limited amount with 4 bonus tracks.

As for the music, its exactly as you'd think after looking inside: first wave BM meets second wave BM. No keyboards, no female vocals, just pure old school guitar driven black metal. Id say this is a perfect mix between first wave and second wave, picture Darkthrone meets Celtic Frost. You're probably thinking "Panzerfaust" but actually it doesn't sound that much like that CD. Its the fast parts of Darkthrone and the more thrashy parts of Celtic Frost. Of course there is a good dose of heavy midpaced sections. The drummer works perfectly. There's a lot of tempo changes and this guy pulls it off flawlessly. The vocals are very raspy and sound VERY familiar but I just cant think of who it sounds like. I guess you could compare them to Legion's of Marduk. They're typical but fit well with the music and are very well done.

All in all this is a fucking great CD! An absolute must for those into old school black metal. As long as bands like Bloodhammer keep making albums, the BM scene will not be lost to 3rd wave glam bands! "Play it loud sucker!"

2000 the ancient one