Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious

The title of this brutal masterpiece roughly translates as "singing about sickness". It is actually merely a synonym for Carcass' previous album title "Symphonies of Sickness" but in more poetic terminology. The same can be said about the music.

Carcass are on of those unfortunate bands where their magnum opus is their most overlooked album. People in the "Heartwork is better" and "Symphonies of Sickness is better" camps, should realize that their is an album that is similar to both, yet better than both. This is that album.

The songs tend to be quite long. The vocals swap between Jeff Walker's signature snarl and Bill Steer's growl. The guitars can be rough and pounding or soaring and melodic (with the help of Mike Ammott who later went on to form Arch Enemy), the drums can be hammering or catchy. The music is always fascinating and the lyrics are straight out of medical dictionaries (in the true Carcass way).

This album kills, in every sense of the word.


2000 raagoonshinnaah