Carpathian Forest
Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods

I'm impressed with this 1995 mini album. "Carpathian Forest" and "The pale mist hovers towards the nightly shores" got me headbangin and I couldn't stop my hands from playing air guitar. Screechy, screaming, medium-pitch vocals. Catchy, thrashy black metal. Not amazing or memorable at first, but highly enjoyable. Fans of Bathory, Rotting Christ, and old Tiamat will check this out.

"The eclipse/the Raven" only has whispered-in-a-cave by an-old-dying-man vocals, accoustic guitar and synths. The Edgar Allen Poe poem is ambient enough to tweak the clit of that goth hottie you're seducing.

"When thousand moon have circled" sees synth again and oh joy, oh happy day, at least it isn't overpowering in the mix (still too loud for my taste though). For once in a long time, I read AND like the lyrics, making me wish I wrote them.

Last track, "Journey through the cold moors of Svarttjern", a plodding hymn to Pan, starts with cool tortured screams. Considering how brief this cd is, it's really up to the fan whether it's needed. For me, basing my opinion on the strength of the "Black Shining Leather" CD, I had to purchase it.

2000 mlotek