In Slaughter Natives
Sacrosancts Bleed
[Cold Meat Industry]

Undoubtedly In Slaughter Natives' best release, achieving a level that they haven't even come close to grasping since. This was rerecorded at Re-Enter Salvation in 1991 and was actually released at the same time as Enter the Now World, a damn good album which clearly paled in comparison regardless as the heavy and aggressive vocals driving Sacrosancts Bleed had been replaced by an almost pure instrumental. Seek out the later material if you are an avid fan of the music but this is definitely the place to begin.

For those unfamiliar with the band, In Slaughter Natives play at an orchestral symphonic level that is deeply embedded in the industrial field. Thickly laden with despair and experimental elements, there is an underlying contextual ambience here. I realize that several of these words will immediately turn off readers, especially in the event of heavy keyboards, but I assure you that ISN are leagues ahead of the vast majority of that typical darkwave gothic and medieval crap floating around.

Sacrosancts Bleed opens with the pounding "Chaos Breeding," a true masterpiece and perfect opening for a powerful release that never lets up. It is difficult to choose favorite tracks but I am personally thrusting "Inferno" a notch above the others. Closest comparisons are probably Laibach or Mynox Layh despite major differences in the songwriting. If you are remotely fascinated with the genre, seek this one out.

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