This is BY FAR the best Marduk album... and pretty much the only one I listen to... the rest I find extremely repetitive, boring, and just pointless blasting... This album is split into two chapters, each with five songs, the first being Dictionnare Infernal, on this, we have the same old marduk, only somehow more interesting.. the play fast and ferocious, but keep a deep, hateful atmosphere throughout, and have the all out blasting actually work for them for a change.. Guitars are really fast, very well produced, and very well done.. bass is louder than in previous Marduk stuff, but still pretty much inaudible.. drums are extremely well played, extremely fast.. just as you'd expect from marduk.. the vocals here are Legions best by far, unbelievably hateful and powerful.. one thing I give marduk credit for is Legions powerful vocals.. he is def. one of the top vocalists in black metal today... Next chapter is The Warlord Of Wallachia, on this side Marduk become a bit more experimental.. They slow it down quite a bit, and show that they can really play the mid-paced stuff extremely well.. too bad they don't do this more often... This half is really what makes this album, extremely dark, gloomy, hateful, and powerful... Guitars are slowed down, more concentrated on, and played very well.. giving off a really dark, creepy atmosphere.. bass is even more well heard on this half, and is played exceptionally well.. drumming is slowed down, but easily as technical, and just as good as before.. vocals just as powerful as ever, but fitting the mid-paced stuff A LOT more, making me crave to hear Legion play in a mid-paced black metal band.. so what you have on the second half of this disc is a slowed down, mid-paced, very dark and gloomy Marduk.. don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of speed on the second half, but not just pointless blasting.. and the song writing actually has a point to it, you can tell it wasn't written in a day... so pretty much, this is THE marduk album to get (well, the only one worth getting in my opinion), and an extremely well done disc..

Appeal: Fans of fast paced black metal in the swedish style, mixed with a more experimental mid-paced stuff

2001 niosrever