Nattestid Ser Porten Vid
[Wounded Love]

I'm not sure what correct spelling for this album is, since I've seen it spelled many different ways (sar/ser, wid/vid). The album itself lists only the first word of the title (i.e. "Nattestid..."); how is that for lack of hype?

Well hype is all this album got; it was being toted as being the best 'true' black metal album to come out in recent times. Never being a fan of hype, I ignored this until I saw that someone had an overstock of this CD, so I ordered one; and it was definitely a good purchase.

I'm not sure if it lived up to all the hoopla, but "Nattesid Ser Porten Vid" (<>) is a damn good album. This is raw raging black metal in the classic-modern vein (goes back, but not that far), no keyboards, no women; lots of male choruses though. There is a very good viking/heathen sort of tone that rests neatly underneath the furious barrage of blast beats, and tempered black-thrash mid paced lunacy, but this is NOT viking metal at all.

The tracks are generally upbeat sounding, not very menacing, but dark and intense. Everything (except some of the drum work) is pretty much handled by norse mastermind U. Hoest whose low-key persona probably helped a lot in selling records.

In any case, buy this record, turn up the treble and play it silly (but not often, it can get a tad bit dreary).

Now a full 3 or 4 piece band, expect a new album mid 2001.

2001 nivende