Brutal Truth
Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

Total deathgrind shock! This is a record I for some reason just recently acquired. I have all the other Brutal Truth albums, and have had them for some time, but this one had somehow escaped.

This is an outstanding lesson in especially speed, the drumming is fucking silly at times. I am not a slow drummer myself, but Scott Lewis could really hammer the drums senseless! I wonder why they swapped him for Hoak? Maybe Lilker, Gurn and Sharp couldn't handle the speed of light?

The speed, however, isn't the only reason this record is a must-have. With such classics as Walking Corpse, Wilt and Collateral Damage on board, this album displays a great combination of deathmetal and grindcore, with some of the elements that Brutal Truth would later refine into their great jazzy freak-grindcore mayhem. A classic.

2001 daoloth