Seductions Of The Unbaptized Darkness

Apparently, these guys change genre (from death to black to grind?), which does not bode well. One just loves to knock down bandwagoners, unfortunately Thron' have made a fairly decent album. The songs are mostly fast, well recorded and (despite a couple goofy parts) are somewhat convincing black metal. Layers and layers of speedy guitars initially bring to mind Swedish style non-stop-speed black metal, but Thron has a decidedly Norwegian flavor to their music. One might say they were "Emperor-ish". It is well known that people are sick of this style, and to be fair, there are many parts where the music is not Norse in nature. So, while not winning any awards for original style .. I give 'em a B-/C+ for effort (because I still have a soft spot for the style). What is with the apostrophe?

2001 j. mcintyre