De Zwaarden Spreken
[Heidens Hart]

This is the first release from One man band Cultus, hailing from the Netherlands. I didn't know quite what to expect, although the packaging and some song titles gave me an idea. Listening to it, I was pleasantly surprised at this solid effort. The demo comes off sounding quite polish at times which, for me, is a very good thing. The drum machine is well programmed, the keyboards are used appropriately and the vocals are quite decent. 2 Countess covers from the first and best album finish this demo off, they are well executed and manage to blend in with the demo alright. If you're looking to check out some new demos and don't quite know where to start I would recommend this. If you like Polish NSBM or just blackmetal in general then you could do a lot worse. Good stuff.

2002 cory