Ambre Zuetki Vuordrevartre
[Blakk Holokaust]

The 4th release of the Southern American label Blakk Holokaust was this BELKETRE bootleg compiling all the "rare" material by this band you already possess if you are into tape trading for a while. But I guess there aren't many more songs / material of the band you can find unless you know these guys personally ? The band was made of Akon ktreh and Vordb dreagor uezeerb (who also used to play in TORGEIST), as yoy all know it is part of the BLACK LEGIONS circle together with the most famous ones (VLAD TEPES MUTIILATION TORGEIST) and the most obscure of their side projects. So on this CD you can get :

3 studio tracks from 1993
4 studio tracks from 1994
the 2-track 1993 promo tape "The dark promise"
the famous "Ambre zuetki vourdrevartre" 1996 demo.

All of these recordings come with correct to good sound quality, except maybe for the 1996 demo that you may not be able to listen all day long. It is an interesting bootleg despite the fact that the "the dark promise" song is coming several times on this recording and after listening to it you'll probably know this piece of darkness by heart. Otherwise it's not a bad idea in my sense to gather all these recordings on one disc as the old tapes on which most people have these recordings usually have a poor sound. The only material that can be found concerning this band which is not on the CD is the 1996 "Twilight of the black holocaust" demo, but it is in fact the songs from the split CD with VLAD TEPES so if you have both recrdings you own everything availble on the band. Like all previous TBH releases it is limited to a moronic number of 100 copies and you'll probably never be able to find it anywhere as everything was sold out so quickly...

9 / 10

2003 lord pesten