Into The Nemeton

Cyhiriaeth hails from the burgeoning pagan black metal scene in Spain. This 2 song demo cd places them up alongside bands such as Hallstatt and Nazgul in terms of quality and skill. The first, entitled "...And the Vultures Will Carry My Soul" has an interesting pagan themed acoustic and flute intro which flows smoothly into the rest of the song, as well structured and well played as the intro, just with much more aggression and speed. The second song, "Nimidi Fiduenearum", carries the pagan theme and raises it to a high standard, more midpaced this time, melodic with great breaks and changes but they still rip it up a few times in key parts. The flute, which in other bands is usually annoying is actually quite soothing and a nice contrast to the heaviness exhibited on Into the Nemeton. "Nimidi Fiduenearum" ends the cd as it was begun, with a trialing flute melody. I really look forward to the full length from Cyhiriaeth, as they have the feel and aggression of pagan black metal bands like Skyforger (one of my favorites) without the limp wristed, sleep inducing effeminacy of bands like Forefather (at least the stuff I've heard). My only complaint: it's too damn short. I want more.

Contact: (mirmail maybe, the font is fucked and the x's look like r's)

2003 grymyrk