Zanim Wstanie Dzien/Barbarzynski Mlot Wojny

Wineta, many of you may recall, is a remarkeable Polish black metal band that had a song featured on the Night and the Fog compilation some years back. Interestingly enough, this was the song I hated most on the compilation, when first brought to my attention, and now I believe it is the best song on there! In short, I think that they are simply a band that WILL NOT be appreciated, nor understood by very many individuals, perhaps even within the inner NS circle itself. I attribute this to the horrendous production quality, and yet also, to the material itself, which, albeit played in a "lacking" manner, is some of the more "disturbing" atmospheric noise/ black metal that you will find in the scene. With many of the NSBM bands striving towards a more traditional RAC/ OI sound, it is somewhat refreshing to hear a band, such as Wineta, that is still based on darkness, and an atmosphere that suits this foundation properly.

Musically speaking, Wineta derives atmosphere from a solid base of distorted and filtered guitars, distant, yet powerful and disturbing synthesizers, adequtely played, and plodding percussives, and a layer of the most henious and blaspehmic vocals this author has scene to date. Not only does this particular, albeit, simplistic structure of sound prove noteworthy, it has built the groundwork for an amazingly powerul and dark, atmospheric black metal album. Not so much the simple ambience one would expect from, say, Kristallnacht, but more along the lines of that perhaps established by Abruptum (demo era) or even "De Mysteriis" era Mayhem. In fact, I believe comparisons can even be drawn prominantly between the two. Take for example the second song from Wineta's demo, entitled 'Krzyk wiczych dusz', and compare that with the last song on 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas,' namely, 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.' Both of them feature the charecteristic slow and provocative riffing, which build up through a cyclic repetition of disturbing melody and organic ambience. One will most assuredly agree on the similarities throughout. As for the rest of the album, I think it safe to say that it carries on in much the same fashion; faster than mid paced black metal, drapped in a solid texture of synthesizers and the aforementioned vocals (these REALLY are something to be heard). All in all, some of the best three songs I have heard in a long time. A definite gem in the scene.

Gromowladny, on the other end of things, is, in actuality, not so different from Wineta. Although the demo is inarguably much more "experimental" (in it's own way), the basic black metal structures are very similar in their essence, and really build on much of the same founding principles (idealogical and musical). I would tenatively say that the latter is slightly more nationalistic, utilizing more pagan elements, most noticeably, the chosen insert art, and also, the choice of songs displyed throughout. In particular, the incorporation of male vocals, in the 'sung' fashion, as opposed to the 'screamed' fashion. One cannot help but feel a deep connection with 'Viking' or 'aryan' culture being expressed here, through the simple chords of modern black metal.

However, I don't mean to imply that Gromowladny is by any means, 'easier' listening than is Wineta. On the contrary, the music can in fact be quite violent and disturbing in it's own right, as is exemplified in the hammering black metal songs scattered between the 'experimental' tracks, and also, the darker elements found within those very experimental tracks I have alluded to. An example of this being the disturbing female screams placed over the incessant beating of some torturous weapon (don't ask me what). The vocalist seems to know the meaning of what real black metal vocals are about as well, and executes them in the suitable disgusting style.

All in all, one of the brighter stars in the NSBM 'sky.' Although quite old in comparison with the relative adolesence of the Polish NS scene, this nonetheless is a phenomenal split of material. As with many albums of this nature, the material seems to grow on an individual with every passing listen, making it even more 'enjoyable' as time goes on.

2002 orodruin