Bestial Warlust
Promo 95

Bestial Warlust promo 1995; NOT the Satan's Fist promo mind you. What's to be said? The most violently brutal grind-death band I have ever heard; there is simply no comparison. There are bands that have perfected the art of stagnant brutality, but there is no feeling behind the mechanics. In Bestial Warlust we see the beginnings of ambience sprouting up in certain places, although an ambience of undiluted blasphemy. The influences from Blasphemy and Beherit are apparent, as well as some from old Impaled Nazarene. All technical ability on this album is great; don't let the randomly chaotic solos and riffs let you think otherwise. The thing that makes these guys great is that they are excellent musicians, but there music does not particularly highlight this, letting the brutality carry it away. In other words, technical executions are not the core of the music. On the contrary, the unrelenting aggression assumes a more prominent aspect, being the central foundation for which other musical arenas are built. The influences from BM are also apparent in the vocals, and also in many areas of the song structures. On track three, "Warth," one can hear not only a BM styled ambience, but also a more 'thrashy-metal' feel not unlike Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Celtic Frost, et all. The tracks all sound very similar, both in terms of production and structure, to the debut cd; I assume that "Vengeance..." immediately superceded this promo, and "Satan's Fist." Here is the track list.

1. Blood and Valor
2. Death Rides Out
3. Warth
4. The Warrior
5. Outro - March of Hell's Militia

A great promotional item, and a wonderful precursor to the debut. Albeit similar in many ways to the debut, I do recommend tracking this down one way or another, as there are some exceptional aspects to it. This has a very interesting and perhaps more "revealing" last song which builds up off of a somber acoustic guitar/drum duet.

2002 orodruin