Deathly Pale
[Pâleur Mortelle]

BAEL is a French underground band playing Black Metal in an underground way, with a drum-machine and a good, clear sound. This demoCDR is a very good release of French Black Metal, made for the fanatics of underground productions and sick atmospheres. Some texts written in French are given in the booklet but it seems they are not lyrics of any song from this demo, they are just the reflection of the band's black soul.The singer actually doesn't sing but screams (in a very uncommon way) as a sick child of Satan. Some parts curiously remind me of DARK FUNERAL, but do not be mistaken this is not a copy of the Swedes, BAEL's music is much darker. I will recommend this demo only to those who like underground recordings, because this release can only be appreciated by advertised ears. 5 tracks including intro and outro, 13'40"

7.5 / 10

© 2003 lord pesten