Loïc Cellier and the other guys from BELENOS are now really skilled musicians, so the technical level of this album is really far from the one of the first demo (released in 1996) "Notre amour éternel". BELENOS' style has not really changed compared to the previous album, the lyrics inspirations remain the same (the Celtic culture and myths from Brittany), the layout is very nice and the lyrics are quite intersting (this is not common for a French BM band...). The music remains melancholic and nostalgic with some speedy parts, which is in a way the "trademark" of BELENOS. You can feel some ENSLAVED and SATYRICON influences, of course not the actual ENSLAVED, or SATYRICON but the old ones.There are even some parts that may remind you ISENGARD or DARK TRANQUILLITY ! This is probably the best produced and most professional French Black Metal album for this year ; so what are you still waiting for to buy this CD ?

8 / 10

© 2003 lord pesten