Seigneur Voland/Chemin De Haine
Cérémonie Chaotique...

Do not be mistaken : it is not a vinyl re-issue of the split tape between those 2 french acts ! All tracks here are previously unreleased, new material from both bands. SEIGNEUR VOLAND's songs are the last ones ever written for the band as one of the members (Xaphan, formerly in FUNERAL / KRISTALLNACHT) has decided to end it up. I guess they were recorded at the same time as the ones appearing on the split CD with BLESSED IN SIN and KRISTALLNACHT as they sound to have the same kind of production and they are very similar. CHEMIN DE HAINE is made of a former OSCULUM INFAME member and you can clearly hear it, the music is really inspired by this band and this time the songs have a pretty decent sound (on the split demo tape it was not that good). Both bands' material is really good, but you'll have to like the southern French BM style to appreciate these blasphemies otherwise you may not find a real interest in this split 7". You'll ba able to get it through UG distros but be quick 'cos it is limted to 500 only.

© 2003 lord pesten