Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre
[Full Moon]

Celestia have always struck me as being Black-Legions alternates, since they are from the same scene, since Noktu released some of the more famous FBL discs, and since the style of Celestia, while quite different from older Mutiilation or Vlad Tepes, manages to contain some of the same melodic ideas and similar atmosphere. After years of demo tapes and vinyl/mCD releases they've finally put together a full-length CD, and it was well worth the wait. "Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre" is more coherent than some of their earlier releases, a bit more technical, cleaner and not so raw, but still very much in the same style of ethereal black metal. Fureiss's guitar work is noteworthy as always, and Noktu's vocals are as great as ever, but the new drummer really adds a level of polish that benefits this music well. Definitely recommended for fans of the French style of black metal.

2003 lord vic