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December 05, 2011, 02:07:01 PM
aspects of the outward form

That's all music journalism and marketing writing in a nutshell.

As we're waiting, let us listen to Blight and Darkness by Sperm of Antichrist, the closest thing to Joined in Darkness that I've ever heard.

Actual release date for this isn't scheduled until the beginning of January 2012.

Seems a new update.

Any news on this?  Early January has come and gone, and I still don't have my pre-ordered copy, and haven't heard anything about it.

This is what some dude said at NWN:

news is that the new Demoncy has begun in press. The final work to be certain the packaging is all correct for what we want is at hand. The holiday slow down is now over and this should materialize finally sometime in this month of January. Only one last update exists and it will be the final release date for it which we will reveal via our website and registered users with the Forever Plagued Records . com

Good! I have been waiting just as much as everyone else!

I don't believe this album actually exists. I pre-ordered it but my hardline skepticism will continue until I actually receive the album.

I have contacted the label asking for updates. So far, no reason to suspect anything other than lag, which is normal for this time of year. I am looking forward to see what they say.

Was curious about placing an order for this. Did take take everyone's money and run, or should I go ahead?

Was curious about placing an order for this. Did take take everyone's money and run, or should I go ahead?

It's only 8$ so even if they do take it and run, its no huge loss. I haven't received anything yet though.

The CD hasn't been pressed yet:

Tomas from Forever Plagued Records helped us out with some news. Apparently, a technical question on the album art arose and is being answered by experts in the coming week. As a result, the release of the CD has been pushed back by a fortnight or more. However, the label, band and staff remain committed to making this a release of the highest quality and so will not accept inferior compromises in the art or production. We should have more news within the delay period.


TL;DR: They're having issues with the cover art. CD hasn't gone to print yet. Expect it in early March.

I just ordered a Demoncy patch, and received it fairly quick, and I just ordered the cd, and a Graveland t-shirt! So I say yes! Order the cd!

This label has a pretty good record, unlike some in the industry. Until given reason to worry, I'd classify this delay as relatively routine. Something tells me Ixithra is either in a remote location, busy with work or otherwise having difficulty being there to make the decisions that need making... it could be the latter. Much of the cover art/packaging on his previous releases looks like his label showed it to him and he was like, "Sure, that's fine. Go ahead." Many musicians are this way. I can understand it: why get bogged in the details when the music is the actual release?

In the '80s, it seems like (good) bands might have had more input in the overall product they were releasing (someone who was alive back then, please correct me if I'm wrong).  I certainly think that Bathory, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Morbid Angel, etc. were very sure to make the whole package fit their vision.

"We are getting lots of emails from people wondering about the Demoncy - Enthroned Is The Night CD.  We sincerely apologize for this massive delay that is at hand, but we are asking graciously for your utmost patience that the cd should not be much longer in progress.  Everything is in production and should just about be done, except the outer jacket that is the piece giving us the most problems. I was told last monday that soon we should have the jacket resolved.  I am hoping greatly that this week this issue is settled so we can get it into production and have the release ready in the first weeks of February.  I know everyone must be getting tired of the delays, I'm getting quite tired announcing them but in the end the way I see it is, is that when the cd is done it will be done correct and not the other way around and for this I am reluctantly accepting the delays as for a good cause. We've already had problems in the past with products that went through too quickly and for that had perminent issues we could no longer resolve so in the end we will be much happier that the Demoncy CD was done precisely to our vision.  So again I say I am thankful for everyones patience and hopefully all your understanding.  Onward..."

E-mail sent today in regards to the cd delay.