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Woman drives 200 miles to kill troll. Mom gets in on the act, too.

the story just seemed relevant to ANUS at the moment.


Hours after a Kansas City woman was accused of threatening to kill an Internet acquaintance in Iowa, authorities arrested her mother for allegedly harassing the same man.

Police in Ottumwa, Iowa, said they arrested 25-year-old Breana Greathouse on Wednesday morning as she stood outside the man’s house holding a loaded .38-caliber handgun behind her back.

“She was screaming for him to come out so she could kill him,” said Ottumwa Police Chief Jim Clark.

Clark said Greathouse and the man had corresponded over the Internet for several years, but he recently had communicated that he didn’t want anything more to do with her. She apparently was angry about derogatory things she believed he had posted online about her.

According to court documents, Greathouse parked about half a block away and walked to the man’s house.

“She called the victim and told him she was outside the residence and also that she was going to kill him,” according to an affidavit filed in Wapello County District Court.

Prosecutors charged her with a felony and two misdemeanors.

Later Wednesday night, the victim contacted Ottumwa police and reported that he had received a phone call from Greathouse’s mother, who also had traveled to Ottumwa. According to court documents, she allegedly told him, “I’m not your friend. I’m just calling to make sure you’re home.”

Because of the earlier incident, the man “took this as a threat to his safety,” according to an affidavit filed to support the misdemeanor charge of harassment filed against 50-year-old Susan Greathouse.

Both women posted bond and were released from custody.

Reached at home Friday, Susan Greathouse said she and her daughter have been advised by their attorney not to comment.

Most trolls just don't live up to ANUS standards. Our means here seem to be ideological, and it's only personal when it involves figureheads of idiocy (Chuck who died of AIDS, Dimebag Darrel who died of intestinal prolapse, Steve Jobs who is slowly dying of herpetic lesions on his brain and liver).

the board has suffered nearly one hundred posts from a troll in the last couple of weeks and it's all been of the garden variety.  

I've poked around a little bit but can't find what he said to her. As a career troll, I wont lie when I say I am interested to see what he did to her.