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Spiral Architects of the Aryans

Spiral Architects of the Aryans
October 14, 2010, 01:20:29 AM
haplogroup R1a (y-dna) distribution map
map of scythia 1st century bc
they were more widespread then this at different times in history.

scythian ice maiden video part 1 of 5

tocharian mummies in china video part 1 of 5
map of asia circa 1 ad
tocharians wikipedia

as far as aryans writing the rig veda its a fact
aryans conquered dravidian india wrote the rig veda and made the caste system to prevent race mixing (which didnt work)
millions of indians speak indo-european languages
the higher castes like the brahmins look whiter then the rest
ever wonder what the indo in indo-european is? it's india

look at R1a distribution, parts of iran (the name iran comes from the word aryan), india, slavic eastern europe and russia, germanic europe, kazahkstan etc scythians were a massive tribe, and so were there splinter off relatives the sarmatians (including the alans), they were present everywhere R1a is