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Severe dementia

Severe dementia
December 07, 2005, 09:21:29 PM
Hey people, this is a death band from Bangladesh named Severe Dementia

Band Name
              : Severe Dementia
Year of Formation  :January, 2004
Country                : Bangladesh
Genre                   :Technical and Brutal death

Current Lineup

Bass: Shahriar
Drums: Rahee
Guitars: Nahian(founder member)
Guitars: Salekin
Vocal: Shawki

Past/Former Member

Nashine on vocals, Hamdu on Bass, Zubaidur (Firebrand and STS) on Bass.

Song released

Mrittu (Jonmer Purbe)
Demented Mentation
(Two singles in compilation albums)

Future Plan Make a full length album

A little about the Extreme Metal Scene of Bangladesh Extreme Metal is completely new in our region/country - the number of the listeneres are increasing quickly. The 1st ever Death Metal band from our country is Dripping Gore [Formed in 2003], they have a single released in a compilation album. Then in January 2004, Severe Dementia got formed. We're the only extreme band here to have two singles released till date. After then, few other Extreme bands like Barzak, Voodoo Economix, Annex, Necropolis got formed - they're yet to release any original though.  

Downloadable Song: http://file.uploadr.com/40d3
Contact Info severe.dementia@gmail.com