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heavy metal architecture

heavy metal architecture
September 20, 2006, 06:14:27 PM
First off I consider myself a newcomer to the world of metal/hessianism so forgive my ignorance and general lack of knowledge.  I am a masters student studying architecture and at the moment I'm attempting to work out a thesis for my degree.  I am intrigued by metal and the ideas and philosphy that seem to be driving it.  I have been reading posts on a few forums and articles on the anus site.  I would appreciate any suggestions on material I should look at for research as well as any ideas or thoughts on architecture.  Perhaps whether or not you believe it is possible for architecture or urbanism to express the core ideas of metal.  Is modern architecture just another facet of mainstream society promoting ideas of capitalims and humansim?  Can architecture be something else?  Should it be something else?  Any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated.