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Heretic - Praising Satan and Weh - origins out now!

Heretic - Praising Satan 6 panel digipack cd

Celebrating 15 years of Ultimate Satanic Sleaze with a collection of supreme re-recordings of their first 2 albums. Heretic offers a unique combination of Metal, Punk & Rock N Roll drenched in a diabolical atmosphere. Praising Satan features the complete 8 tracks from the sold out Splitting Skulls For Satan LP/CD, and songs from Tyrants Of Evil & Black Metal Overlords singles released for the very first time on CD format. 2 exclusive recorded tracks for this compilation and the previously unreleased Hellfire Satanist single. Comes in brilliant 6 panel digipack!

Weh - Origins 8 panel digipack double cd

The album Origins contains all the demo recordings made from 2002 to 2006, plus new recordings and the cover of Windirs LikbÝr. Weh is about acoustic music, trying to channel the dark emotions and hopefully succeeding in doing so. The album is meant to be a retrospective release to show what Weh has been up to, but also represents the future of Weh, as the five last tracks stand together as a release of its own. Almost 2 hours of dark acoustic neoclassic brilliance! Comes in subleme 8 panel digipack double cd!