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Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A

Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A
October 20, 2010, 05:13:20 PM
I was recently able to engage in a small Q&A with the vocalist of the band Ne Obliviscaris (Xenoyr).  The band is labeled as Progressive Black Metal, but really belong to the canon of bands who incorporate black metal elements into other forms of music (shoegaze/folk/indie/etc.).  Their demo, The Aurora Veil, received a fair bit of attention and almost unanimous acclaim. I suspect most will find this short conversation uninteresting, but I'm always fascinated to hear others on their own terms.  It's usually very informative.

-What do you feel is the artistic driving force or purpose of your music?

-An interesting question. We're an amalgamation of members from all walks of life, experiences and influences who can meet on a similar level to create a representation of who we are as people and musicians... The purpose essentially is for us to express ourselves our way and to share it with others, which hopefully people can relate to, and be inspired by. When I hear from people saying that our music helped them through a hard period in their life or that it inspired them e.g to become a better musician etc... its one of the most rewarding things.

-From listening to your demo, it seems very little of you music actually falls within the domain of black metal. Do you consider yourselves a black metal band or is this something that has simply been slapped onto you?

-We have some black metal elements, although you are correct, not a lot of our music actually has a great deal to do with it, we're all over the place really. We started being called prog black when we first started I think... I was doing more "black" vocals then also...even then we didn't have that much more of a black influence than we do know. I think it has just stuck with a lot of people, although when the album comes out I believe that will change quite quickly. Could possibly be too much of an effort for people to argue the point simply over defining a band's genre, hah.

-Following from that, what do you feel is the impetus for your inclusion of black metal elements?

-Mainly from me I think... I started the band with the idea of having us more black metal orientated than we currently are. My first musical love is black metal, so I've always wanted that darker element otherwise I just wouldn't feel at home... so I think there will always be that influence in our music whether to a small or large degree. The other guys have such diverse tastes in music so we will never be a "black metal" band.

-What does black metal represent, if anything, to you?

-For me in short, black metal represents raw, dark, aggressive emotion... an all consuming atmosphere...
I don't necessarily relate it to something negative though, instead I find it as another avenue for like-minded people to express their darker emotions in a constructive way.

Re: Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A
October 21, 2010, 12:22:13 AM
Funnily enough it is well known in Australia that NeOb is the term commonly used to describe the AID's prevalent in metal today.

Re: Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A
October 21, 2010, 04:18:11 PM
Quote from: Xenoyr
When I hear from people saying that our music helped them through a hard period in their life


Re: Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A
October 22, 2010, 06:31:11 AM
There was so much hooplah over their demo. Dizzie Gillespie was more black metal than that recording, and a lot more interesting. This band is kind of like Blowpeth in regards to the concoction of influences and such; they're slightly better at composition but still not worth the time it takes to listen.

Re: Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A
October 23, 2010, 02:36:44 PM
I remember coming across this band at complete random on a music blog years ago. I thought it was overblown directionless shit. The music is a contest. How many sounds can you fit in 13 minutes. I'm honestly surprised these guys get praise from anyone.

Re: Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A
October 29, 2010, 03:19:24 PM
At least they don't have the god awful pseudo prog rock riffs (see also: alternative rock/grunge trash) that Pink Frothy AIDS does. Still, it's semi autistic, emotional grandstanding music made for pre teens and man-children.

I find it funny that progressive music is now defined as including non-related things together- various mash ups. As opposed to what it's actually supposed to be, witch is music that is actually a  PROGRESSION and discovery of ideas - like Morbid Angel, King Crimson, Demillich, blablabla.

Wired how everything modern is a deliberate mash up - look at any aspect of our culture and you will see it's just an aimless regurgitation posed as "new". Especially politics and comedy!

Re: Ne Obliviscaris mini-Q&A
November 05, 2010, 09:42:10 AM
-Given your view of black metal as a means by which "like-minded people" can "express their darker emotions in a constructive way," do you think it would be fair to then conclude that there are certain philosophies / ideologies / worldviews / etc, that are inherently linked to the genre, or do you see it as more open in what it can encompass?

-I think there are certain ideals etc that black metal 'grew up' with and developed through... primarily more extreme and confrontational ideals... which most people will refer to. As with all things, black metal has evolved, although for elitists, I think, black metal doesn't really evolve at all... but who really can agree. As I see it, black metal has evolved to something more alluring, but will always be linked by a darker past.

Further Addendum:
Vocalist / violinist, Tim Charles ways in:
-To answer your last questions, I think black metal can encompass any ideology under the sun. It's all about combining your life philosophy with the style of music you want to create. I know lots of black metal is negative, but the raw power in the music can easily be translated into positive energy as well, so for me it can be quite broad. Because of the dark nature of the music, there will always be a tendency for people with negative life philosophies to be attracted to it, so that will always be common in black metal. We much prefer being constructive with our music & our outlook on life in general though. \m/