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Is heavy metal 'rock'?

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The record stores in the downtown malls here have metal filed under 'rock.' For some stuff, like heavy metal, this makes sense... but Burzum and Incantation?

It features a loud, distorted guitar; thus, to most people, it's rock, even if that is incorrect.

Record stores cater to "the norm", not to those who are "in the know".

...What the fuck mall record store in Houston has Burzum?  I lived there for 17 years, and never saw anything more obscure than "Under the Sign of the Black Mark".

Virgin Records here (UK) have Nirvana and anything heavier in the metal section.

I always understood the difference to be a lack of 'groove' on the metal side and/or a slightly more complex thematic edge which puts Iron Maiden and GNR in the right categories, even though GNR were probably heavier.

I suppose that fails for Kyuss though, it seems cross-pollenation is eroding the distinction to merely one of heaviness.

Big Cock Beelzebub:
Burzum = not rock
all Metallica = rock

Metal derived from rock and can be viewed as a sub genre of it.But at the point with Black Metal the inheritance or link, is allready lost.


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