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Borgne, Forteresse, N&N: New Sepulchral Productions releases

Sepulchral Productions is proud to present its three upcoming releases, namely :

SP020 : Borgne : Entraves de l'Âme CD

SP021 : Forteresse : Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines CD

SP022 : Neige et Noirceur : La Seigneurie des Loups CD

All three will be launched on November 9, 2010, but as we always do, we're launching as of right now a presale package offer. As usual, you can order right away a CD for 13 $ (North America) OR Euros (world), or get two for 22 $/Euros and 3 for 30 $/Euros, all included.

Two of these releases will be available in die-hard format as well : the first 100 copies of the Forteresse CD will be sold with an exclusive Longsleeve for 30 $/Euros, while the first 150 copies of the Neige et Noirceur CD will be sold in DVD format for 15 $/Euros

Forteresse Longsleeve :

Since some releases are available in die-hard format this time, we offer as well packages for those who'd like to combine Forteresse and/or Neige et Noirceur die-hards to regular versions! All available options are listed at the end of this message.

The presale starts right now and will end at midnight on November 9. All preorders will be shipped on November 3rd and 4th. Don't wait for too long if you want to get some die-hard versions as they should get out pretty quickly!

More details on these new releases at http://www.sepulchralproductions.com !


1 CD : 13 $/Euros
2 CDs : 22 $/Euros
3 CDs : 30 $/Euros

Die-hard :

D-H SP022 : 15 $/Euros
D-H SP022 + 1 CD : 24 $/Euros
D-H SP022 + 2 CD : 32 $/Euros

SP021 + LS : 30 $/Euros
SP021 + LS + 1 CD : 41 $/Euros
SP021 + LS + 2 CD : 49 $/Euros

SP021 + LS + D-H SP022 : 43 $/Euros
SP021 + LS + D-H SP022 + SP020 : 50 $/Euros

The official release is today! You still have until midnight (Montréal hour) to get these on presale, after that the CDs will be marked to their regular price.

A few early reviews of the albums :

Borgne :

"Borgne brainchild Bornyhake knows how to handle his guitar, riffing out some great, creepy fuzz atop the blurred drums and hateful vokills. Bravo, Borgne: you've succeeded in winning over yet another convert to your cause!"  - Zero Tolerance

“From the lush acoustic to pure nightmarish blackened pain. Burzum, Mayhem and Older Darkthrone fans with love this as it holds just into those Ideals as well. Bombastic…” – Absolute Zero Media

“Black symphonic, grandiose and epic…dark, sinister, tragic.” – Flight of Pegasus

Forteresse :

“This is full of hope and sorrow, loss and grief and epic in the undertaking that it is trying to present. Simply just blown away by this release.” – Absolute Zero Media

“The tunes here are immense. The sound is dense: melodies are keyboard-led, the guitars thicken the texture and add to the monumental weight of the music, and the vocals are a parched roar – beautiful.” – Zero Tolerance Magazine

“I don't think I've heard something quite this self assured and spacious all year. Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines plays out like a solitary excursion across the Canadian north.” – From the Dust Returned

Neige et Noirceur :

“Neige et Noirceur's La Seigneurie des Loups is the first in 25 or so albums that I can't stop listening to! Music is art, and this album proves it.” 9.5/10 – Sara Heitman (Blistering.com)

“Neige Et Noirceur play a very woods-and-snow nature-mystical brand of post-Burzum black metal, which is strangely easy on the ear despite the rasping aggression.” – Zero Tolerance Magazine

“Anyone who is a fan of Québécois BM would be insane not to pick this piece up. Neige & Noirceur are really coming into their own with each new release, and are solidifying a place among the elite acts in the genre. This is essential.” – The Werkshed