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The apocalypse is at hand! HELLS HEADBANGERS deals its deadliest blow with four new releases available now for press/promo access on the label's press page: ACID WITCH's "Stoned," INQUISITION's "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm," BLACK WITCHERY's "Inferno of Sacred Destruction," and GRAVE DESECRATOR's "Insult." All can both be accessed here: http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/promo/.

On this press page you can find streaming digital audio for these two releases (and more) as well as downloadable band photos, album covers, logos, and biographies. Additionally, all albums are available to download. However, PLEASE NOTE: HELLS HEADBANGERS will be handling the INQUISITION, BLACK WITCHERY, and GRAVE DESECRATOR albums for North America ONLY.
All four releases are set for release on January 18th, 2011. Again, HELLS HEADBANGERS will be handling the INQUISITION, BLACK WITCHERY, and GRAVE DESECRATOR albums for North America ONLY while ACID WITCH will be released worldwide by the label.
Detroit's most evil doom band raises hell this Halloween with one of the heaviest, crushing albums ever made! Mixing '70s psych, NWOBHM, '80s doom metal, crust, and death, this album is sure to possess even the holiest by the power of weed, spell and Satanism! Expect no typical doom metal here eerie, listeners - this album isn't just a bunch of recycled Black Sabbath riffs. Acid Witch have crafted their own sound that sounds like no other band now or from the past. Their influences melt together like wax from black candles on an age-old satanic ritual. The production is warm and heavy, yet raw and filthy. All lyrics, art, layout, writing & recording was done by the band themselves, bringing back a punk D.I.Y. attitude the underground is missing nowadays. The Witch is back, and it's time to get STONED! Recommended for worshippers of WITCHFINDER GENERAL, TROUBLE, DEEP PURPLE, and WINTER.
INQUISITION, possessors of one of the most distinctive black metal sounds around, returns after a ominious, three-year slumber in the stygian depths with their highly anticipated fifth album, "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrososm." Revolving, as always, around the core duo of vocalist/guitarist Dagon and drummer Incubus, INQUISITION create fog-thick, utterly mesmerizing blackness with only two instruments and voice. "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm," amongst a discography already lined with classics, evokes blackest magick and esoteric mysticism, inducing trance-like states in even the sturdiest constitution - hail the "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm"! Recommended for worshippers of INQUISITION, because no one else sounds like INQUISITION. For North America ONLY - No Colours to release in Europe


In 2001, BLACK WITCHERY decimated an unsuspecting scene with their "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" debut. Four years later came another strategic strike against the weak 'n' false with "Upheaval of Satanic Might." Now, as anticipation reaches a fever pitch, BLACK WITCHERY return to claim their crown as the unrivalled masters of unrepentantly barbaric blackdeath with "Inferno of Sacred Destruction." More caustic, close-minded, and crushing than ever, this unholy black/death speed trinity create an unholy conflagration guaranteed to devour and destroy even the most battle-hardened underground warrior - witness the "Inferno of Sacred Destruction"! Recommended for maniacs of BLASPHEMY, ARCHGOAT, REVENGE. For North America ONLY - Osmose to release in Europe


Shaking up the increasingly complacent bestial metal scene in 2008 with their "Sign of Doom" debut, Brazilian beasts GRAVE DESECRATOR return to bury the still-standing with their second and latest album, "Insult." Foregoing fifth-generation clones of newer hordes, GRAVE DESECRATOR drive deep into the roots of South American darkness with nuclear-powered blackgrind rife with psychotic solos and eldritch dread, all whilst never losing sight of "song" over "chaos." Full-moon rituals and alcoholic rites - GRAVE DESECRATOR spit the gravest "Insult"! Recommended for diehards of VULCANO, early SEPULTURA, SARCOFAGO, and early MYSTIFIER. For North America ONLY - Ketzer to release in Europe

April 24 th 2012 The Providence Social Club 71 Richmond st. Providence R.I. 

INQUISITION   http://www.facebook.com/inquisition.official
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