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FREE DOWNLOAD - Hypnotic Dirge Records Compilation album 2010

HDR Compilation #2 - Melancholic Epiphany (The Trance Formation is Shattered) FREE DOWNLOAD Available November 7th, 2010
To celebrate two-years of activity for Hypnotic Dirge Records we are releasing an extensive compilation album on November 7th, 2010 which will include audio, video, text, and visual components. The entire album has been created with a strong attention to detail and a working theme throughout. Within the compilation comes audio tracks exclusive to the compilation by some high-profile guests, some previously released HDR material, some upcoming stuff from future releases, as well as three music video premieres, some essays and short stories, and complete album artwork with a full theme, and notes from the artists and contributors. An extensive piece of work comprising many hours of work from many dedicated artists in multi-disciplinary fields. Make sure you are here to download to album for FREE on November 7th, 2010.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  http://www.hypnoticdirgerecords.com/download015-hdrcomp2.php

Melancholic Epiphany (The Trance Formation is Shattered)

I - The Foetal Mind - Big Crunch
II - Funereal - Of That Which Lies Beneath...
III - Funeral Fornication - Stargates Eternal Beheld My Nightmares
IV - Exiled From Light - We Writhe As Worms
V - netra - Outside...Alone
VI - Ancient Tundra - The Shimmering Radiance of a Thousands Stars
VII - Njiqahdda - Nji taaevaasti vortaa est flaami
VIII - Neige et Noirceur - Croix de Feu, Croix de Fer
IX - Funeral in Heaven - Bhandhana
X - Autaric - Cremation Divine
XI - Old Forgotten Lands - Hour of the Wolf
XII - netra - La Page (Music Video)
XIII - Njiqahdda - Nji taaevaasti vortaa est flaami (Music Video)
XIV - Old Forgotten Lands - Hour of the Wolf (Music Video)
XV - The Foetal Mind - La Corde Rouge (Music Video)
XVI - Exiled From light - There is no beauty left here...(Promo Video)
XVII - The Foetal Mind - The Grand Contraction (Promo Video)
XVIII -'The Origin of Values' Essay by: N. Skog
XIX -'The Bleak House' Short story by: Vultyrous
XX -'Nji taaevaasti vortaa est flaami' by: Njiqahdda

A note about the album:
The 2010 edition of the annual Hypnotic Dirge Records compilation series is being released to commemorate two years of activity as a record label. Once again we are offering this album as a free download to showcase a unique and diverse group of black metal artists from a variety of different sub-genres. This year's edition has been named "Melancholic Epiphony (The Trance Formation is Shattered) Within the album, you will find a total of 11 tracks - 8 of which are from Hypnotic Dirge Records roster artists, offering a glimpse into past HDR releases, as well as a look towards some future HDR material. Asides from that, we are also featuring three diverse and respected guest artists on this compilation album - Funeral in Heaven, Njiqahdda, and Autaric. Also as a bonus on this year's compilation, we are also including some music videos as well, including the premiere of netra's first-ever music video for the track 'La Page' , the premiere of Old Forgotten Lands' 'Hour of the Wolf' video, and an exclusive video premiere from the mighty Njiqahdda.

As an addendum to the audio and video portions of this release, there is also three essays/short stories to accompany the album focusing on a variety of different topics both fiction, and non-fiction, as well as a complete 8 page booklet focusing on the larger theme of this compilation. Our desire was to release a compilation album that truly covered 4 different aspects of art: Audio, Video, Text, and Visual and we are pleased to showcase the works of a variety of different artists!

Over the past year, Hypnotic Dirge Records has evolved to become a more metal-based record label with less ambient artists on its roster, and more metal-based releases on the way. (see: netra, The Foetal Mind, Funeral Fornication, Neige et Noirceur, etc.) and this compilation is also an indication on the evolution of HDR. Of course, we will still be releasing ambient music as well, and most of our artists have an ambient edge to their music, but this compilation is a good example of the balance we strive to meet musically.

I would like to thank all of the contributors to this year's compilation for their dedication to this project, Marc Hoyland for his many hours of work on this compilation's artwork, and being able to transform my ideas for the theme of this record into perfectly constructed artwork. Asides from that, I'd also like to thank labels, promoters, reviewers, and fans for obvious reasons.

Eleven tracks from a diverse group of black metal artists - some of which are exclusive to the compilation, and some of which provide a preview towards future releases. Three brand new video premieres among a collection of videos, three unique and distinct text pieces/essays and a complete 8 page digital booklet featuring notes and insight into the songs from most of the artists themselves. And it's free!

Download this compilation, tell your friends, post the link on your myspace, facebook or twitter, upload the songs onto youtube. Post the download link on forums, post the album on your blogspot, burn a copy of it and give it to friends, review the album for your webzine/magazine, and play it on your radio show!