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Heathen Circle / Voice of Blood - Vol. I

Heathen Circle / Voice of Blood - Vol. I
November 17, 2010, 03:32:42 PM
An mp3 compilation compiled by January 2009, containing songs of most Heathen Circle bands. Over 2 hours of Heathen music, free to download!

CD 1:
01 - Kagan - Tears Of Forest
02 - Wolforder – VI
03 - Faethon - Pan, Lord of the Woods
04 - Nordawn - Viking Song
05 - Bladesmith - Battle On Ice and Snow
06 - Eliwagar - The Woman Of The Forest
07 - Stworz - Wind That Carries Slavonic Chants
08 - Legenda - Bukásunk Himnusza
09 - Crown of fallen heroes - Shield of Heathen Reason
10 - Draugr - Furore Pagano
11 - Elfenbloed - Ons Hoogste Goed
12 – Wotan’s Vrede – Full Moon Over The Lost Kingdom
13 – Sturm - Proud Knights Of The Solar Order

CD 2:
01 - Feu Follet - Aux Armes
02 - Ruina - Ukruina
03 - Ashaena - Tarana Sa Sanje
04 - Wodanaz - Filhos Do Trovăo
05 - Draugluin – Arrival
06 - Samrt - Na Dunavu Ponovo Su Uzdignuta Jedra
07 - Sloncakres – Jesien 
08 - Fjord - The Calling
09 - Celtic Dance - The Cry of the Warrior
10 - Zerivana - Kurhany we Mgle
11 - Sherwoode - Fetid Stone 
12 - Harag - A Call For Blood
13 – Iron Woods – Samhain Night
14 – Tiwaz – The Rune Of Victory


Re: Heathen Circle / Voice of Blood - Vol. I
November 17, 2010, 04:17:12 PM
Haha, the OSN joined the Heathen Circle a while back.  Odd to see its promotions promoted here.

Re: Heathen Circle / Voice of Blood - Vol. I
November 17, 2010, 04:45:35 PM
I'm more of a janitor sweeping the parking lot outside than a chair member at the penthouse board room up top. If I made an error, that's why. Fudaldi had this compilation linked at his site. Perhaps guests here would be interested.

Re: Heathen Circle / Voice of Blood - Vol. I
November 18, 2010, 01:00:50 AM
No, I'm just interested to see how small the Metal world still is.  I think people here should definitely listen to this stuff, as some of it's interesting, to say the least.  The zine that they publish contains a couple of gems, beyond the "hurr durr kill the negroes" crap which is bound to end up in anything calling itself "Heathen", nowadays.

Re: Heathen Circle / Voice of Blood - Vol. I
November 20, 2010, 09:42:59 AM
After listening through this, here's my two cents.

There's clear compositional skill in some of these songs, but the presentation is lacking, which makes it extremely off putting, and there's very little that sounds like something I don't already listen to that is done better by a classic band. Almost every song sounds like it was recorded on a shitty, free, computer program, and is void of much identity. Some of these bands definitely have potential to create some really good music, but I think they need to get serious about what they're doing:: Develop a strong work ethic, either invest in better recording equipment or try to get the attention of some labels that more than 25 people know about, and stop putting out countless "it's okay, but it's not great" demos and "albums" and focus their attention on one strong, memorable, distinctive project.