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December 01, 2010, 06:41:12 PM
Is this shit ANUSian or what?

Re: Cablegate
December 01, 2010, 09:43:52 PM
Nope, this shit is childish. The vast majority of things Wikileaks publish are open secrets anyways. They are just trying to whore themselves out like everyone else to secure donations. They aren't any more interested in transparency and honesty than the institutions they try to subvert.  What is funny is that they are about to find out what children they are in a man's world when the US government puts the fucking hurt on them: financially, institutionally, legally, any way they can. US intelligence agencies are almost assuredly hunting Julian Assange down at this very moment.

Re: Cablegate
December 09, 2010, 08:09:47 AM
I'm still waiting to hear what Immortal Technique has to say about it before I can really form an opinion. But if 4chan is ddosing the internet over this then it must be really important for us young people.

Personally I can't believe any good government would lie to their own people and withhold information from them. After all we are the people! And what are they? Just politicians, right? As an aside: I think we should forget about old terms like left and right, conservative and liberal, vegetarian and carnivore. We should unite because terms like that are just invented by them to keep us all under control!

Re: Cablegate
December 17, 2010, 01:45:20 PM
I find it better not to really have an opinion about this.  I disagree with Dukha on wikileaks's purpose -- I don't think they're just trying to whore themselves out for donations, as Assange's old blogs pretty much show he's kind of an idealogue who comes across as somewhat sleazy.  I just think he's kind of a gung-ho asshole who hates the current world order because it's essentially a fraud.

Dukha, you forget that the US doesn't have the power it once held.  Iceland will be willing to protect Assange, and after their bankers ruined their economy the population there is NOT passive like in other countries.  Additionally, Iceland seems to be a bit of a *real* country that doesn't care about bending over for the US.  They DID give citizenship to Bobby Fischer for the primary purpose of asylum.  The only ones who are going to be after Assange/wikileaks are Britian and the US, and other countries would have to be persuaded heavily to get at him.  I suspect the current rape allegations will fizzle out and Assange will be a free man once again.