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OBSIDIAN RECORDS distro update.

OBSIDIAN RECORDS distro update.
December 05, 2010, 02:03:27 AM


Postage to anywhere in the world only $5AU, buy 4 items and receive a 5th free of charge.

Disentomb - Sunken Chambers of Nephilim *NEW*
Astriaal - Anatomy of the Infinite *NEW*

'neath - The Small Untruths
'neath - The Spiders Sleep
Arkheth - IX & I: The Quintessence of Algaresh
Astriaal - Renascent Misanthropy [Resurgence Edition MMVII]
Dead Letter Opener - Lumen
Limb From Limb - Rip Him From His Fucking Throne
Misery - On Demon Wings
Mournful Congregation - The June Frost
Nazxul - Iconoclast
Oracle of the Void - Further Steps to a Perfect World
Oracle of the Void - In Darkness is Found The Greater Enlightenment 10"
Rookwood - You Worship Shit
The Dead - Armoured Assassin 7"
The Dead - The Dead

A Blaze in the Southern Skies Compilation
Altars - Demo
Assaulter - Salvation Like Destruction - 12" LP
Assaulter/Trench Hell 7" Split
Atomizer - Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt
Austere To Lay Like Old Ashes
Austere - Withering Illusions and Desolation 12" LP
Barbaric Onslaught - Australian Metal Attack Compilation 12"
Beyond Mortal Dreams - From Hell
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Extinction/Salvation
Brazen Bull - Brazen Bull EP
Captain Cleanoff - Symphonies of Slackness
Captain Cleanoff - Symphonies of Slackness 12
Cauldron Black Ram - Skulduggery
Cauldron Black Ram - Slubberdegullion
Clagg - Lord of the Deep
Claim the Throne - Aletales
Claim the Throne - Only the Brave Return
Cuntscrape - Papsmear Campaign
Cuntscrape/DeathFuckingCunt - Split Roast
Daemon Foetal Harvest - Abducted and Compacted EP
Dawn of Azazel - Law of the Strong
Dawn of Azazel - Relentless
Dawn of Azazel - Sedition
Drowning The Light An Alignment of Dead Stars
Drowning The Light A World Long Dead
Drowning The Light The Blood of the Ancients
Defamer - Chasm
Destruktor - Nuclear Storm 12" grey disc
Destruktor - Nuclear Storm 12" Pic disc
Destruktor- Nailed
Destruktor- Nailed 12" LP
Die Pigeon Die - Ripped From V to A
Diocletian - Doom Cult
Diocletian - War of All Against All
Ebolie - Elevation Into Disintegration
Ebolie - Fuck Ya Ears & Drink Ya Beers
Empyrean - Quiet​us
Fattura Della Morte - Grim, Drunk & Frostbitten EP
Fuck...I'm Dead - Gore Grind Thrash Attack Live DVD
Funerary Pit - Winds of Hell 7"
Gol Gol
Gospel of the Horns - Eve of the Conqueror
Gospel of the Horns - Realm of The Damned
Grenade - The Howling Damned
Grenade - The Howling Damned 12" LP
Grenade Hellsong 7
Grenade Venom of God 7
Grey Waters Below The Ever Setting Sun
Grotesque - Museum of Human Disease
Heirs - Alchera
Iciclan - Frozen Dimensions
Ignivomous - Death Transmutation
Ignivomous - Eroded Void of Salvation 7"
Ignivomous - Path of Attrition MLP
Ignivomous/Tzun Tzu 7" Split
Impetuous Ritual -Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence
Infinitum - Behold Eradication
Injury to Eye - Path Pathology Pathos Demo
Internecine Excoriation - Prognosticate The Decrepitude EP
M.S.I - Dream The Serenade
Malignant Monster - Foul Play
Misery's Omen - Hope Dies
Mournful Congregation - The Dawning of Mournful Hymns
Mournful Congregation - The Monad of Creation
Murkrat - MurkRat
Mytile Vey Lorth - Disillusion
Naetu - The Burning Lands
Nekros Manteia - Deus Otiosus
Noctis - For Future's Past EP
Nocturnal Graves - Satan's Cross
Paroxysmal Descent - Paradigm of Decay
Pathogen - Bloodline
Pod People - Mons Animae Mortuorum
Portal - Seepia 12" pic disc
Psychrist - Debauching The Minions
Psycroptic - Initiation DVD
Roadside Burial - Roadside Burial / Corpsickle split
Rookwood - White Knuckle Terror demo
Rookwood / Defamer 7" split
Sacriphyx - Lone Pine 7"
Sanguinary Misanthropia - Existence Precedes Extinction
Shackles - Inquisitors Curse 7" EP
Shackles - Traitors Gate
Shackles - Traitors Gate 12" LP
Spire - Spire
StarGazer - The Scream that Tore the Sky
StarGazer - A Great Work of Ages
StarGazer - Occidentale Magick
Stargazer/Sacriphyx 7" Split
Stormbane - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
Summonus - Summonus
Sword Toward Self - Dissolution Mantras EP
The Day Everything Became Nothing - Brutal
The Day Everything Became Nothing - Invention:Destruction
The Dead Ritual Executions
The Furor - Advance Australia Warfare
The Furor - Invert Absolute
The Kill - Hate Sessions 2000 - 2002
Toil Obscure Chasm
Trench Hell - Southern Cross Ripper
Trench Hell - Southern Cross Ripper 10" EP
Tzun Tzu - Kunoichi EP
Tzun Tzu - Without Zen EP
Urgrund - Unchangeable Fate
Vomitor - Cry from the Underground
Vomitor - Cry from the Underground 12"
Vomitor - Devil's Poison
Wardaemonic - Through the Dank Pale Gravelands
Winterfallen - Shirt
Wither - Wither 7" EP
Wither - Wither EP
Worms of the Earth / The Surrogate split

neath - Black Blood Logo Shirt.
neath - White Blood Logo Shirt
Astriaal - Anatomy of the Infinite Logo Shirt
Defamer - Girls Singlet
Defamer - Logo shirt
Monstrothic Logo Shirt/Singlet
On Demon Wings Tour Shirt
Oracle of the Void - Further Steps To A Perfect World shirt
Oracle of the Void - Red Spit logo shirt
Rookwood - Logo shirt
The Dead - Logo "face" shirt
The Furor - Logo shirt

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