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Improving the sound quality of old metal albums

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we hope you die:
I think many albums benefitted from bad production. For instance, ITNE soudsn incredidbly cold which is helped by the style of production on the album, whether this was intended or not. Transylvanian hunger is disputed over again because of the poor production on the album, but again i say that the sound adds to the aesthetic appeal of the album and makes it sound more grim. Basically it works with the music rather than against it.

death metal black metal:

--- Quote ---There are sounds "linking" the songs, like bells and heartbeat as you said, but these "links" are broken by pauses between the songs, which I'm sure isn't the case with the original.
--- End quote ---

The wild rags version was all one track, and had the bells etc.

oh hell yeah tell me about it.

I mean, I love necro shit like Transylvanian Hunger but that is about the minimun for lo-fi production aestetik

want to hear the difference was it not produced in a studio? see older demo versions of tracks which were later rerecorded for studio release of Burzum,Demoncy graveland etc

then rerecorded profanatika track? or a whole album of bumzur track re-release to the depths ..

what's the point?


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