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Sorcier Des Glaces announces 3 new albums for 2011.

"Expect the three releases to be total cold primitive music! In our opinion
far better than everything we have done in the past (Snowland in 1997 and
Moonrise in Total Darkness in 1999). Everything gets darker, colder,
primal.... engulfed in a sombre melancholic atmosphere. Some riffs are very
old, composed even before our first album!"

Read the full story here.

Hopefully at least one of these gets released.

Hopefully at least one of these gets released.

Yeah, I'm reminded of when Demoncy announced three new albums would come out in one year about a decade ago.  One managed to come out in a reasonable time frame.  We're still awaiting the rest!
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Hopefully at least one of these gets released.

haha, no doubt.  that being said, I hope Msgr. Ice Wizard proves you wrong!
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Hmmm, three albums in one year. Sounds pretty nuts to me. I'm definitely looking forward to it, though I always get that scared feeling before I listen to a new release from a band I like because I think "What if this is the one where this great band starts sucking?" I absolutely adore the first Sorcier des Glaces album and the second one is pretty awesome too.

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new song

Meh... Might be kind of interesting if I hadn't heard this before, but it just feels derivative of everything they've already done, which, while good B+ material, doesn't really justify another incarnation of itself. Even Moonrise in Total Darkness was a bit stale, despite the technical improvement in playing skills and production.

Maybe the full album and time will change my opinion, but this doesn't get me very hopeful.