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Does decline in quality coincide with a drop in testosterone level?

After the subjects had finished their poses, they were given $2 with the option of keeping it or gambling it on the roll of a die. Depending on the outcome, the subjects could double their money or lose it.


The high-power posers were more likely to risk their $2 for the chance to double it: Eighty-six percent took the gamble, compared with 60 percent of the low-power posers. They also reported feeling more powerful and in charge than did the low-power posers.

Posture does seem to have a noticeable effect on your mood but holy shit what a retarded test that is.

I suppose it is retarded if you're imagining the high-power people as being reckless like FUCK YEAH I'LL GAMBLE. I'M ON TOP OF THE FUCKING WORLD RIGHT NOW.

In reality, they were probably more like "eh, why the fuck not?" which seems more agreeable to me.

Somewhat related to the quoted study:
Warmer Feelings Flow From Cozy Hands: Scientists

The temperature of whatever you’re holding may affect your mood, HealthDay reports. Two new studies, published in Science, indicate that holding warm objects tends to make people act more generously and see strangers in a kinder light than those holding something cold. “Simply holding a warm or cold object can influence people's interpersonal judgments and decisions," a researcher says.

The studies tested different reactions when subjects held hot and cold coffee, and hot and cold therapeutic pads. What does this mean for you? Well, the next time you’ve got a date or a big meeting, “a hot drink might seal the deal,” National Geographic adds. “On the margin, it might push them to see you more favorably,” a professor says.