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OUT NOW: WEDARD - Eiskrieg II DIGI-CD + ltd.A5-DIGI Version


OUT NOW on EE-Records:

Wedard - Eiskrieg II DIGI-CD

After more than 3 years - the second part of Eiskrieg is released !
DIGI-CD Version limited 666 copies with the Song VI this is a bonus track from earlier recordings.... Cover Art by Kogaion !

Karmaggedon - Drums
Dis Pater - Guest Vocalist (Midnight Odyssey)
Sternenfrost - Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Bass
All Songs written and produced by Sternenfrost during 2009 till the end of 2010

1. Solitude (Intro) 05:03
2. Eiskrieg II 08:43
3. Winterdepression II 07:37
4. Towards the lonely path of Winter 07:29
5. Diminished (feat. Midnight Odyssey) 07:43
(6.) Hidden Bonus Track 06:42 (only on the DIGI-CD/A5 Version)
Total playing time 43:20


Limited Edition:

A5 DIGI-CD VERSION limited 50 copies handnumbered with A4 Mini Poster + two PVC Sticker.

ORDER NOW: www.platten-firma.de