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♥ sodomy ♥

♥ sodomy ♥
February 18, 2011, 02:37:49 PM
In Bed With Burroughs

SF: Given his influence on Magickal theory and practice (The Cut-Up, Third Mind, Dream Machine and his writing) who would you say was William’s largest influence? Crowley, Spare, none of the above?

JG: Pardon me but I don’t see many direct influences by William’s thought upon Magickal theory — the other way around, heavens, yes.

But Burroughs considered Crowley a bit of a figure of fun, referring to him as “The Greeeaaaaaat BEEEEAST!” in that behind-closed-doors, queeny comic delivery he used sometimes: his voice rising straight up in pitch, into an hysterical falsetto. You can hear it in lots of tapes, I’m pretty sure.

William knew quite a bit about Crowley’s life and work, and he certainly dug deep into the Necronomicon (anonymous but often attributed to Crowley) when it became available in a snazzy, black-morocco, tooled-leather hardback binding. He appreciated much about Aleister Crowley. Influenced by him? I don’t really see it. And to be truthful, I knew more about Austin Osman Spare than William did, in the beginning.


Tom Peschio, a friend and assistant to Burroughs, arrived at his house to cook dinner. He discovered the Old Man in his chair by the bedroom window having chest pains. He tried to keep him cool until the paramedics arrived.

"I was scared," Peschio says. "He was not scared. He said something as they were loading him in the back (of the ambulance). And I wish that I could remember what he said. I can't remember his exact words, but it was something like, 'It's OK, I'll be right back.' I think he just said it to reassure me, which was weird that he'd reassure me."

Burroughs died the next day at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. The cause was a heart attack. He was 83.


Re: ♥ sodomy ♥
October 05, 2013, 12:24:19 PM
So to the question: “Is sodomy a sin?”  According to the Bible verses stated above, the acts of the people of Sodom were indeed sinful and we too would be sinning if we behaved in the same manner.  But, is anal sex between a man and wife equivalent to today’s standard definition of sodomy?  I would have to say, according to the Bible, no. It is true that homosexual men engage in anal sex but it is also true that they engage in oral sex. They also hold hands and kiss one another. Does the fact that a homosexual does these things too mean that heterosexuals are forbidden to do these acts as well? It most certainly does not. I believe that God created our desires and it is we who have perverted it. God gave sex to us as a gift for a husband and a wife to share and it is we who have perverted that. Homosexual sex was stolen from heterosexuals, not the other way around. We can conclude that anal sex or any sex by a homosexual is sin. We can also conclude that according to the Bible anal sex, oral sex, or any sex by an unmarried heterosexual couple is sin too. But if you are married and both partners agree to any sex act within the confines of your marriage bed, it is indeed pure.


^^^ big pile of crazy

Re: ♥ sodomy ♥
October 05, 2013, 01:19:21 PM
According to the logic in the above quote: If a gay man has vaginal intercourse with a woman, he is sinning! He's still gay and that's the sin.

Re: ♥ sodomy ♥
October 07, 2013, 10:30:07 AM
Dude, these christians think they are the law. Someone have to stop them.