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March 01, 2011, 10:08:38 AM
Accidental truth:

CLEVELANDóDuring an unexpected moment of clarity Tuesday, open-minded man Blake Richman was suddenly struck by the grim realization that he's squandered a significant portion of his life listening to everyone's bullshit, the 38-year-old told reporters.

A visibly stunned and solemn Richman, who until this point regarded his willingness to hear out the opinions of others as a worthwhile quality, estimated that he's wasted nearly three and a half years of his existence being open to people's half-formed thoughts, asinine suggestions, and pointless, dumbfuck stories.

"Jesus Christ," said Richman, taking in the overwhelming volume of useless crap he's actively listened to over the years. "My whole life I've made a concerted effort to give people a fair shake and understand different points of view because I felt that everyone had something valuable to offer, but it turns out most of what they had to offer was complete bullshit."

"Seriously," Richman added, "what have I gained from treating everyone's opinion with respect? Nothing. Absolutely nothing."


Most people are nitwits who will project their drama onto you, and insist you treat it as important, all while threatening to retaliate unless you take their nonserious drama seriously. It's time we cut ourselves free from each other, not politically, but socially. Why should we pretend we give a shit, when giving a shit doesn't make it better?


AMERICAN television psychologist Dr Phil McGraw has sparked controversy by telling the mother of a five-year-old boy that she should not let him play with girls' toys.

The mother had written to the Ask Dr Phil' section of his website asking for advice on her son, who likes playing with Barbie dolls and wearing girls' clothing.

The talk show host responded saying she should, "direct your son in an unconfusing way. Don't buy him Barbie dolls or girls' clothes.

"You don't want to do things that seem to support the confusion at this stage of the game. ... Take the girl things away, and buy him boy toys.''

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/television/dr-phil-tells-mother-not-to-let-her-son-play-with-dolls/story-e6frfmyi-1226003693294#ixzz1FNFdp3Gq



"We are very slack with our moral codes for children these days. Nowadays, children find it laughably amusing to shoplift and steal.

"We smile when they download information from the internet and lazily present it as their own work. We allow them to bunk off school and bring in sick notes," she said.

She also said: "There was one 'crime' during the whole time I was at school, when a fountain pen went missing. Stealing just didn't happen.

"I was taught not to shoplift, not to steal, not to behave badly. We weren't even allowed to drop litter."


No standards means everyone behaves as is convenient.

Re: "Open-minded"
March 01, 2011, 10:42:45 AM
Bring back physical punishment at schools.

I had a math teacher that once said: To end the problem of misbehavior in schools, take one bad student out of class, put him in a room and kill. Then no one will misbehave anymore.

I actually would never approve of this. But it's a nice example of the mathematician mentality that here was related to terrorism in another topic. He wasn't (totally) serious also.

Re: "Open-minded"
March 01, 2011, 05:06:21 PM
From the Dr. Phil article (he's not actually an M.D., FYI)
"Although he is saying that playing with girls' toys does not make a boy homosexual, his use of the word 'confusion' implies strict gender roles and implies that sexual confusion could result,'' Ms McCormack said.
What kind of retarded shit is this?  As a general rule, children are really stupid.  They get confused trying to tie their shoes, but somehow, magically, they are immune to being confused about sexual matters?  If you treat a boy like a girl, it's going to mess with his head.  I don't care whether he's gay or straight or whatever.  There are proper ways to raise children and them being gay doesn't give them an exemption.

Re: "Open-minded"
March 01, 2011, 05:14:42 PM
I thought the onion article was funny, and it looks like you beat me to it posting it here. Good inspiration to cut the bullshit and be more productive.

Re: "Open-minded"
March 01, 2011, 06:34:55 PM
Despite their terribly awful music review section, the Onion amuses highly with some of its articles.

I also find it strange that I am agreeing with Dr. Phil. Stranger things have happened I suppose.

Re: "Open-minded"
March 02, 2011, 07:52:11 AM
Dr. Phil's entire schtick is his no-nonsense, common-sense approach. Which would make him a terrible therapist/psychiatrist/insert-other-synonym-for-shylock-here, if he actually were one. But since his career revolves around bringing double-digit IQ holders into public view and then mocking them mercilessly(albeit somewhat subtly), you'd find his "advice" sensible more often than not.


Re: "Open-minded"
March 04, 2011, 01:38:51 PM
School should be ran like a bootcamp with students, now called cadre living in barracks learning to make their bed, shine shoes and PT until obesity is completely eliminated. They can rise above this by getting good grades, eventually put into some type of private school, but the others will have to go around and gather all the garbage up in America so we can ship it to the Middle East and make it America's landfill.