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About love

About love
March 03, 2011, 10:31:03 AM
What are your ideals when it comes to love? What is the perfect relationship? Should healthy relationships come natural or can they be learned? Do you think upbringing and genes play an important role in how we deal with love and relationships? (Obviously culture plays a role but what about the rest?)

Re: About love
March 03, 2011, 04:08:39 PM
Love of one person is a sad thing to behold where there should be a love of ones tribe, land or custom as well. I thought they were all meant to support one and other. After a fashion. Now they are gone, one by one.

Besides, it is imperative to destroy any remaining bonds between people so the correct ideal can reign supreme. Love has no place within a biometric world police state or somesuch after all; perhaps, unless it is a love of death, destruction and revelation. It is not practical nor efficient.

Re: About love
March 03, 2011, 04:36:27 PM
I fuck people I'm attracted to.  Does that count?


Re: About love
March 03, 2011, 04:57:11 PM
The definition of love can be pretty ambiguous, love of ones family, love of a significant other ect ect.  I would bet the consensus on this board would be that 'loving' life as a process is both practical and effficient, this of course would include death and destruction.  It's tough to think holisticallly, I struggle with it at times, but a love for this natural world, and life as we know is necessary as I see it.

It's possible to both love one person, and love a tribe and customs.  Just because some of these things are not prominent in modern western society, it doesn't really make any sense to throw out love completely.  I don't understand your 1984esque rant.

To answer the OP - It's necessary to love life in order to be contructively effective in a positive way on this planet.  Not to sound overly Christian, which in some cases isn't bad, but we are imperfect creatures that tend to be selfish and shitty, there is no perfect relationship, everyone gives and takes something.  I can't say to much more on the relationship portion of your question as it pertains to women, as I don't think I've ever actually loved one as deeply as I could.  We are wired to be pack forming animals, so of course genes play a part, in fact in most cases they demand it in a certain sense.  Upbringing plays a small part, although I would think most would agree that once you come of age, if you are intelligent, you leave behind the worthless parts of your upbringing (as best you can).

Re: About love
March 03, 2011, 09:56:24 PM
What is love? Microcosmically we love and we hate - we have preferences. Macrocosmically we love and we fear - we accept reality and engage it proactively or we deny reality and respond to it reactively. Depending on your path, love can mean different things to you. Generally on the left-hand path, it's arguably wise to love your own self more than anyone or anything else. But love can really fuck you up. You can grow up in the suburbs too fast, it all becomes about the family, and soon enough you fuck up your kids as much as your parents fucked you up. Rumi said something about how if you truly love someone then you must make sure all your heart strings attached to them be cut. Forced love is like forced sex, you can hire a prostitute, and there's not necessarily anything wrong with that, but eventually you would run out of money. True love comes naturally and it's easy to maintain, it may or may not last because you're both free to come and go. If people are like islands, true love can only arise between two people who fully realize they're islands, singularities, because then they can see clearly the situation and the connection - the relationship. True love is always there, an endless ocean, and it's what divides all, the water between islands, as a unity is only truly a unity with a healthy variety to unify in the first place. At the end of the day it's all about me, and I fucking love it.