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Metal zine writer's book

Metal zine writer's book
October 17, 2004, 03:39:25 AM
Jon Konrath is proud to announce that he has released his fourth book, entitled _Dealer Wins: Misadventures in the New Las Vegas_. It's a 158-page collection of travel essays, articles, and photos of various visits to Las Vegas. It includes five trip reports, which were re-edited for the book, plus four new essays, and tons of photos.

A bunch of stories are covered in the book, from skydiving to rollercoasters to machine guns to sports cars to the crappy rooms at Circus Circus to accidentally flooding a Rain Man suite at Stardust to the infamous tale about why the author is not allowed to eat at Smith and Wollensky anymore.

The book is available from lulu.com at http://lulu.com/jkonrath and you can visit http://rumored.com/dealerwins for more info. It has a UPC/ISBN and will be distributed by Ingram and will be available at online booksellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and so on. It is
available immediately at lulu for $9.99 plus shipping/handling.

Lulu is also re-releasing his first book _Summer Rain_. It is now available with the real front cover that it was intended to have, in the same 6x9" size but at only 500 pages instead of 660 due to a better layout. It is available for $16.95 only at lulu and will not be at Amazon or other places. (It has no bar code/ISBN.)

-Jon (jkonrath@rumored.com)

For more information:

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Re: Metal zine writer's book
July 27, 2006, 05:47:39 PM
Jon Konrath is a good guy. I was one of four people that paid for AITP zine. Alas, he tells me he made such a loss printing it that it's more or less on the shelf for good. I think it was a great initiative and I am sad to see it apparently fail.

'Summer Rain,' by the same author, is relatively recommended.  I really wanted to love this book but it's not great novel. It desperately needs editing and at times the writing style is a little unrefined (signs of a debut work I suspect). It does certainly mean well, however, and it's the only work I know that covers Death Metal, zine writing and early internet computing from the perspective of a college outcast. Perhaps many here might empathize with the narrator to an extent. In any case, it's an insight into the era of music and technology, I guess, which gave birth to ANUS. It's a brave, sometimes moving and magnificently honest book.

LULU is extremely expensive. I think including shipping I paid around $35 for Summer Rain when I ordered it last year and maybe $25 for Air In The Paragraph Line.