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Last distro news! Old death metal, old brutal death, grindcore...

Last distro news:

ACEPHALIX (Usa) Deathless master Tape. Death metal/ Crust

CRUCIFIRE (Australia) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Split tape. Death black/ Black death

DEATHLY SCYTHE (Chile) ... Will of death!! Demo tape. Retro Death metal/ Thrash

DECAY OF REALITY (Rus) Reality of decay CD. Death metal/ Death doom

EXTREME DEFORMITY (Hungary) Internal Tape. Rerelease of album from 92 + bonus songs. Death metal/ Early brutal death

GRACE DISGRACED (Rus) The primal cause: Womanumental CD. Technical death like later DEATH.

HUMUGUR (Hungary) Endless caverns Demo tape. Raw death metal/ Old brutal death

METASTASIS (Chile) The blackened essence Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Thrash death. Merciless (Swe), Kreator.

MION'S HILL (Nor) Black death Demo tape. Retro thrash black/ Doom. Influenced by Celtic Frost.

OFFENSIVE (Uk) Offensive Demo tape. Black death (New band of Callum/ Cunt & paste zine)

PROMISCUITY (Israel) Basic instinct Demo tape. Thrash metal

SHADES OF THE BLACK SKY (Rus) То, что нас поглотит CD. Doom/ Funeral doom

SICK SAD WORLD (Can) Free your mind Demo CDr. Grindcore/ Death grind

TOXIK DEATH (Nor) Speed metal hell Tape. Thrash metal

UNDERGANG (Den) Kogt i blod Demo tape. Death metal/ Death doom

WHIPSTRIKER (Bra) / BULLDOZING BASTARD (Ger) Split tape. Thrash metal

WITCHTRAP (Col) Dark millenium Tape. Black thrash

2nd hand zine: DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #6: Entrails, Necro, Circle of tyrants, Aggressive mutilator.
+ small articles (unleashed, Banished from inferno, Deranged, Proletar, Desecration) + reviews, live reports... 52 pages. A5. In english. 2015

2nd hand zine: DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #5. Earache recs, Agathocles, Vomitory, Gorerotted, Dead like me, Bolt thrower, Defeated sanity... + Reviews. 40 pages. A5. In english.


Micro distro update

ABYSM (Uk) Unleash the fallen Demo tape. Dark death metal

DRIFT OF GENES (Ukraine) Perverted memories CD. Brutal death

NEKROHOLOCAUST (Philippines) Prelude to extermination Tape. Gore brutal death/ Goregrind

NECROLEPSY (Bangladesh) Exhibition of mutilated apparatus Demo tape. Deathgrind with gory vocals.

NOTA NECROLOGICA (Spa) Nota Necrológica MCD. Death metal/ Grindcore

Back in stock: NECROPSY (Fin) Psychopath next door MCD. Old school death



Last distro news:

BOLZER (Swi) Soma Tape. Black death

DISFORTERROR (Bra) 20 years of terror metal Tape. Death black (Songs from old demos)

FIEND (Usa) Derailed Demo tape. Grindcore

GOAT SEMEN (Peru) Soykirim Demo tape. Black death

INCANTATION (Usa) Tribute to the goat Tape. Death metal

MAZE OF TORMENT (Bol)/ TREPANACION (Chile) Split tape. Underground death metal

MERCYLESS (Fra) Visions from the past (Live 1989 official bootleg) CD. Death metal/ Thrash

MORTEM (Peru) Decomposed by possession Tape. Death metal

PYRE (Rus) Ravenous decease Tape. Swedish death metal close to Dismember.

RESPAWN THE PLAGUE (Gre) Gathering of the Unholy Ones Demo tape. Death metal influenced by mid old Morbid Angel

RIPPER (Chile) Fatal memories Demo tape. Old school thrash

TOXEMIA (Philippines) Planetary devastation CD. Old death metal/ Death doom

TRASHNASTY (Fra) The will of the dead MCD. Death metal/ Blasting thrash

UNMERCENARIES (Rus) Fallen in disbelief CD. Funeral doom/ Death doom

VENUS TORMENT (Chile) Espiral infinito Demo tape. Old school thrash

WOMBAT SIMOGATO HAPSIK (Hungary) Demo tape. Cybergrind. (Comes in a tissue bag)

Fanzine: OGREBALNI USLUGI (Bulgaria) #1: Morpheus descends, Wormridden, Rippikoulu, Manipulator, Bones, Torture rack; Inisans, Old chapel, Nameless tomb, Barberian swords, Nekro drunkz... + reviews. Death metal zine.
48 pages. A5. In english. 2015.


Micro distro update:

BEER CORPSE (Australia) Rough as guts Demo tape. Grindcore/ Death grind

BURIAL SHROUD (Usa) Angelic annihilation MCD. Obscure death metal

MORTOFOBIA (Bol) Mirando a la muerte Demo tape. Death metal

MURDER HOLLOW (Fin) Murder hollow Demo tape. Death doom

OMINOUS (Usa) Intercorpse CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

Back in stock: PRAISE THE FLAME (Chile) Profane cult Demo tape. Death metal


Last distro news:

OLD SCHOOL: Death metal/ Thrash metal/ Black metal...

-ASESINATO (Chile) Blasfemia Demo tape. Old school thrash death
-BASTARDOS (Argentina) Descraneados en las calles Demo tape. Old styled thrash
-BONESAW (Uk) The Illicit Revue CD. Digipack. Old school death influenced by Autopsy.
-DARK INSURRECTION (Chile) Destroy the Servant of god Demo CDr. Death metal/ Death black
-DEROGATORY (Usa) Derogatory MCD. Old school death
-ECTOPLASMA (Greece) Everlasting deathreign Demo tape. Old school death
-GLACIAL FEAR (Ita) Demo 1993. Tape. Old death metal (Rerelease)
-HEADFIRST (Fra) The sound of agony Demo tape. Thrash metal. Members of Affliction gate, Hungry johnny.
-IMPETIGO (Usa) Rode island deathfest - Live 1992. Bootleg tape. Old school death grind/ Grind
-INFECTED PRIEST (Fin) Hammering nails to fragile bones Demo tape. Death metal/ Grindcore. Members of Saattovaki
-KILLING FIELDS (Thailand) Gigantirix extinction Tape. Old styled thrash
-NECROMANTEION (Bol) Spirit of darkness Demo tape. Black death
-THE SULLEN ROUTE (Rus) Madness of my own design CD. Death doom
-TOXEMIA (Philippines) Ancient demon CD. Old death metal/ Death doom

BRUTAL: Brutal death, Death grind, Goregrind...

-ABANDONED MORTUARY (Hungary) Emotional wasteland Demo tape. Death grind
-BARBARITY (Rus) Crush of hypocritical morality Tape. Old brutal death
-BLUE HERPS (Fra) Nodul CD. Digipack. Brutal death
-EXEGUTOR (Rus) Embassy of hell Tape. Death grind/ Grindcore
-FLAYING (Latvia) Commandments - violated CD. Brutal death
-MULK (Fra) Testo(y)sterie CD. Digipack. Cyber brutal/ Noisecore/ Brutal death
-ORGASMIC VICTIM (Rus)/ BRUD (Ukraine)/ DISEMTOMB (Rus) Split CDr. Goregrind/ Death grind/ Goregrind
-POLYMORPH (Ger) Disgraceful supper MCD. Old brutal death/ Death metal

Fanzine: UNDERWORLD (Usa) #6: Trenchrot, Istidraj, Cultfinder, Toxemia, Evil madness, Demona, Funeral rites, Dethrone records, Spectral manifest, Nuclear rock radio... + reviews and a CDr compilation. 44 pages. A4. In english. 2015.


Micro distro update:

BATHOVEN (Fin) Power Demo tape. Old styled Heavy metal

ENVENOMED (Chile) Total possession Demo tape. Old school thrash death

FILTHPACT (Uk) Resurrected under condemnation CD. Digipack. Crustcore.

LAPIDATION (Chile) Condemned to eternal darkness MCD. Old death metal

MEGALOMANIAC (Swe) No return Demo tape. Old school thrash

Back in stock: MAUSOLEUM (Usa) Eating your fucking brains live. Tape. Old school death.


Micro distro update:

ACTIVE STENOSIS (Gre) Succumbed to infection CD. Goregrind

ENCOFFINED (Argentina) Encoffined Demo tape. Old school death

NO GODS NO MASTERS (Hol) No gods no masters Demo tape. Stoner/ Doomy sludge

PULVERIZED NECROBRAINS (Usa)/ PATISSERIE (Jap) Split CDr. Goregrind grindcore/ Goregrind old brutal death

WORMS (Chile) Worms Demo tape. Old school death

ZOMBIE RAIDERS (Usa) / PRO PAST (Serbia) Split tape. Noisy goregrind/ Grindcore


Last distro news:

COPROFAGI (Fin) Demo II Tape. Death metal/ Gore

EXECRATION (Nor) Odes of the occult Tape. Obscure death metal

GRIMPEN MIRE (Uk) A plague upon your houses CD. Doom sludge
GRUEL (Uk) Gruel CD. Special packaging. Doom sludge

INCANTATION (Usa) Tribute to the goat Tape. Death metal

KRENAK (Bra) Human artifice Demo CDr. Death metal with old death black influences.

MANDINGAZO (Chile) Death metal punishment Demo tape. Old school death

MIDNIGHT PRIEST (Por) The priest is back Demo tape. Old heavy metal/ Nwobhm

SCYTHE (Usa) subterranean steel Tape. Thrash black

SEPTICAEMIA (China) 404 Demo tape. Brutal death

SEPUKU (Uk) Demo & Live Perversions Tape. Death metal/ Thrashing death

VICTIMIZER (Den) Live in fredericia 2009 Tape. Thrash metal


Last distro news:

CADAVEROUS INCARNATE (Chile) When the corpses only vomit tripes Demo CDr. Brutal death

CEMITERIO (Bra) Cemiterio Demo tape. Old school death

FALTOMY (Fin) Forteiture Demo tape. Strange doom. (Rerelease of demo from 1992)

HEADLESS DEATH (Australia) Under the mushroom Demo tape. Underground death grind/ Grindcore

HEADLESS DEATH (Australia)  Poxy death Demo tape. Death grind/ Grindcore

IMPETIGO (Usa) Rode island deathfest - Live 1992. Bootleg tape. Old school death grind/ Grind

LAVATORY (Malaysia) Morbid terror Tape. Old styled death

MASADA (Usa) Hideous rot Demo tape. Old school death

NECROSODOMY (Hungary)/ GRAVECRUSHER (Hungary) Split tape. Death metal

ROTTEN HEAD (Chile) Inferno MCD. Old brutal death

WORSHIP DEATH (Chile) Promo MMXV Demo tape. Necro death metal


Micro distro update:

DE-NIHIL(Jap)/ DISCRETE CORPORALITY (Jap) Split tape. Grindcore/ Death grind

GENITAL GRINDER (Ita) Abduction CD. Death grind/ Brutal death

GRAVE DESECRATOR (Bra) Unblessed bootleg  - Live in Bressuire France. Tape. Death black

GRAVEYARD (Spa) The altar of sculptured skulls Tape. Swedish death metal

TERROR STRIKE (Chile) Infernal thrash metal Demo CDr. Old school thrash

WASTELANDER (Usa) Hibernation sickness Demo tape. Old school thrash/ speed/ Heavy

WITCH OF THE DARK (Panama) The witch demo tape. Old death metal


Last distro news:

DEMONIC HATE (Bra) Kill the enemy Demo CDr. Death metal

DESTROYER ATTACK (Ecuador) Diabolical ectoplasm Demo tape. Death thrash

FERETRUM (Chile) Que la matanza comience & visiones diabolicas Tape. Black death

GALOPE MORTAL (Panama) Salvajes e indomables Demo tape. Old school heavy metal

GRIDLOCK (Croatia) Live Scourge Tape. Doomy death metal.

HERETIC EXECUTION (Bra) Evil and doom Demo CDr. Death metal

IRON SPELL (Chile) Heavy metal witchcraft MCD. Old school heavy metal

MORTANDAD (Chile) Mortandad Demo tape. Old school thrash death

SUPPLICIUM (Bol) Resurrection of the shadows CD. Death doom (Quite melodic)

VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina) Obey the darkness Demo tape. Old school thrash death/ thrash black


Last distro news:

BURNING FLESH (Swi) New chaos order CD. Digipack. Death metal/ Old brutal death

CHAMBER OF TORTURE (Rus) Entorturement Tape. Death metal

ETERNAL VIOLENCE (Bra) Necro perverso metal satânico Demo CDr. Cardboard sleeve. Old school thrash

EVIL MADNESS (Chile)/ EVIL KNIGHT (Chile) Split tape. Old school thrash

GRAVETORN (Usa) Reduced to slime Demo tape. Old school death

KINGDOM (Pol) Temple of death Demo tape. Death metal/ Obscure brutal death

OBSIDIAN SEA (Bulgaria) Dreams, illusions, obsessions Tape. Doom

PHRENELITH (Den) Demo 1 tape. Old school Death metal. Members of Undergang, Wormridden, Mold.

ROTEM (Por) Nightmare forever Tape. Fast death metal w/ black metal influences

SANATORIO (Bra) Odio e caos aos inimigos do metal!!! Live tape. Death metal

SLAUGHTERDAY (Ger) Ravenous Tape. Old styled Death metal

T.C.F (Hol) Speed or bleed Demo tape. Thrash metal

TERMINATION FORCE (Usa) Rehearsal demo'09. Tape. Raw death thrash

Fanzine: METAL HORDE (Por) #16: Deathhammer, Kratherion, Sartegos, Putrid Matt, Darkened winter, Serrabulho, Xerion, Mist, Ereb altor, O cerco, Machinergy, Drengskapur, Seven sisters... + reviews. 72 pages. A5. In english. 2014.


Last distro news:

ACOLYTES OF MOROS (Swe) Illusions of progress MCD. Doom metal

ARSONIST (Mex) The ultimate banishment CD. Thrash metal/ Swedish death/ Crust

BATTLECRY (Usa) Today belongs to us Tape. Heavy metal

CONTAMINATED (Australia)  Promo'15 Tape. Dark/ Tortured Death metal

DESINENCE MORTIFICATION (Cro)/ GIHTSHASIE (Cro) Split CD. Brutal death grind/ Experimental electro grind indus

EXORCISED (Serbia) Reflections of horr or Demo tape. Necro death metal

FUNERARY BELL (Fin) Horrific transCosmic overture Demo tape. Doom

HERESIARCH (New zealand) Hammer of Intransigence Demo tape. Black death

IN OBSCURITY REVEALED (Mex) Spell of the seeker Demo tape. Old school/ Obscure death

MALIGNANCY (Usa) Intrauterine cannibalism Tape. Brutal/ Obscure/ Technical death

SOULROT (Chile) Horrors from beyond Demo tape. Old styled death metal

UNDER ATTACK (Swe) The aftermath Demo tape. Thrash metal/ Heavy


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