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Extreme music for extreme people? a paper by Michelle Phillipov



I sometimes get the impression that she still misses the point about underground metal. And regarding her full book, the comments about it seem to imply that the only defense she takes in pro of Death Metal is that "one can enjoy it" as if subjectivity is the only way to defend Death Metal. Now, I haven't read the book myself but I am quite interested.

I read her 2012 book when it came out. I appreciated that she made an effort to analyze the actual music, but as you said, the defense she put forward was kind of lame. Can't say I remember much else though! Still, it is definitely one of the better metal related books I've, which speaks for the poor state of metal writing in book form. Atleast the books I've come across. One book I don't see much mention of is Andrew Cope's Black Sabbath and the rise of heavy metal music. The author points out differences between metal and rock with Sabbath and Zepellin as case studies.

The link doesn't work, is there some kind of automatic "correction" going on?

The link works fine for me Spinal. Try using some kind of internet proxy or downloading the pdf if it doesnt work for you as a link.