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UK comedy sketch explains the dilemma of underground metal


I think this video sums it up quite well. Some people don't want to achieve anything, they just want to be the only gay in the village. To be the eternal outsider looking down on everyone else no matter how much they have in common with them. Living in their own little world where they consider themselves special and unique and insisting nobody understands them. Forever fighting the tide even if it's in their favor.

How can we unite underground metal with the mainstream during this point in history where such a thing seems inevitable? Until The Light Takes Us was a good effort but sometimes I wonder if they reached the correct audience. A new generation of fans has arrived but indie black metal and deathcore are shoved in their face while the classic albums are left as a mere footnote in history. I think that's a shame, people should start with the old material so they can more easily see what's wrong with the new material. But we won't reach these kids by playing the part of being the only gay in the village.

The only reason why I see underground metal should try to unite with the mainstream is so that the best artists can become more widely recognized, get bigger recording contracts, and ultimately have more resources to devote to making music. However, the technology used in the music industry, such as music production equipment, should fall a lot in price eventually to the point where everyone can have their own studio on their home computer, so perhaps the best thing to do is just to wait.

Relatedly, I think sub-genres like black metal really took off in the underground because poor production quality really lends itself nicely to certain types of dark music like that, and since most of the metal musicians had very little resources at their disposal they were forced to play those types of dark metal. With a much greater access to technology, underground metal artists could manage to experiment with many other different types of dark metal, as well as different types of lighter metal too, and perhaps some of these would have greater mainstream appeal than ideologically-extreme sub-genres like black metal.

PS - That British show was carried for a time here in Canada and I couldn't stand it, I think it's the worst comedy show I've ever seen!