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Relating metal album stucture to symphonic 'movements'

One of the triumphs of the development of metal over time would be the expansion of structure from well developed songs to songs which support each other in the context of the album. By this I mean not merely selecting songs in an order that makes the album flow freely, but actually composing each segment with a deep knowledge of how it relates to what came before and what comes next. In this it resembles the movements of a classical symphony rather than a collection of tracks on a cd. Hvis lyset tar oss would epitomise this appraoch. Also of note is the use of recurring themes throughout the composition i.e. Filosofem and Kraftwerk's Computerwelt album.

Abigor's Orkblut - The Retaliaton is a perfect example of this, to the point that not a single song on it is remarkable on its own, but combined as they are on that EP it all works together magnificently. This is, oddly, in stark contrast to their LPs, which suffer from the opposite - great tracks that could be placed in any other random order on their respective albums and still have the same overall effect.

Hvis Lyset Tar Oss.  It even had four movements like a symphony.  A few powerful musical ideas moving across an harsh but majestic landscape.