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June 6 - Hessian Holiday: National Day of Slayer

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Some PDFs or scans of the fliers and brochures might be cool, too.


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I think the strategy is fine; it is meant to be a parody and effective action simulataneously.

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That strategy is only alright with me if it's perfectly clear to EVERYONE that it's a parody.  If it's just an inside joke or whatever, I'd argue very strongly that it's damaging to our cause in the end.  Our major selling point to the masses is our honesty, bluntness, and lack of contradictions.  If we criticize something that another group does, we make special effort not to do that ourselves.  I guess you could call it a sort of "moral high ground," but that almost makes me puke again.  Without this aspect, what would draw an intelligent "normal" individual who doesn't initially agree with our more difficult to digest views and ideas?  The other problem is that, if this is a clear parody, that opens you up to allegations of racism, ridiculous though they may be.  If this is an issue that you want to take on, defend, and give some focus to, then that could be fine, but that doesn't seem like a very good strategy for recruitment efforts.  On that note, I'll say that I've really enjoyed this whole "Slayer holiday" thing.  Simple stuff like that almost certainly does more good for recruitment efforts than any well thought out anti-societal propaganda.  

I'll make clear again: I don't criticize your efforts; you're doing more than I am; I just take offense to that one line.    

"Indeed, I would go so far as to say that I'm likely the ONLY "Hessian" at my 14,000 student university.  So a student club just for me seems a little redundant."

It's worth a try. A friend & I started up a metal society at Uni. It was a little difficult, but it all worked out in the end. I even met some fellow ANUSites in the process.

Grand Inquisitor:
On Library Walk:

Pics of flyers:

The flyers were all given out, & no scans, but the important parts were mostly taken from

Right now the Hessian Student Union's not an official club. I looked into club registration, but it doesn't fit the requirements yet. I went ahead with the "fake" club for NDoS because many non-campus-affiliated groups protest there anyway. If it attracts enough interested metalheads, it could qualify though.

To Meganerd: I thought the parody element was absurd enough to be obvious. I don't think parody has to conflict with telling the truth. However, some people I encountered appeared to take it wholly seriously (& some took the whole thing as a joke), so you have a point. I'm not too worried though, the approach can & should be improved for possible future events, & this is the place to discuss it anyway.


--- Quote ---Message sent to Nat'l Day of Slayer Task Force and Hessian Studies Society, from UCSD Hessian Student Union
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Good iniative shown. More people like yourself are needed to take Hessianism further. I offer this: consider all criticism carefully but disregard anything that has a basis in ignorance/ stupidity -- it will only slow you down.

Metal fans are something of a rarity in general; as a rule of thumb I've found that vaguely smart metal fans exist as 1 per 10,000. However, I'd expect a university campus to be someting more like 1 per 1,000.

I will stipulate that when I say 'smart metal fan' it doesn't necessarily mean 'Hessian': I'm still gambling on that percentage being better than 1 per 1,000,000.

As a university society it ought to still be possible to appeal to non-university students by organizing local band nights / metal radio shows / running a metal club night. Communicating/liasing with the 'outside' community will help to boost your profile and help maintain interest in an otherwise (mostly) unrewarding job.

I've had a fair degree of success in running some metal events that has had quite a few smart metal fans that are actually worth more than shit but hithereto no real 'Hessians'.

--- Quote ---I tried to parody the way so many minority activist groups clamor for "inclusion" by aping some of their rhetoric.
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Much like this:

Amnesty for Varg Vikernes!



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