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Final moral question about killing and this website

Dodging the question again? I guess I know what your answer will be: No, you wouldn't. I think even if you said you would, you wouldn't. Because this kind of stuff we just wish for others, not for ourselves and our loved ones. Then you would consider, then you would imagine and even try to feel in yourself all the unimaginable suffering your daughter would be put trought and say no. But with other people's daughters, it's ok.

You think I don't feel tempted to turn to this ideology? Fuck, it's great. Every news item when some nutjob kills a bunch of people is now free to be laughed at. I would accept once and for all injustice and cheer for being in the privileged part. I would put myself in positions where I could easily kill people I do not care for just for laughs. I would not care if I saw someone being humiliated because that's just the way nature works. I would enjoy reading about wars that are happening right now and be excited about the combat and death. I would make rape jokes and say that the stupid women who wore micro clothes real late deserved it. I would marry so I can beat my wife, because the man is obviously the stronger one meant to dominate. I would tell jokes on the funeral of people who died because of their stupidity, like drink and fall and die. I would beat up and set on fire homeless people to improve the view. (A practice a lot of teens in my country are fond of...) I would expose people's embarassing events or secrets saying that I'm only speaking the truth. I would rape 14 year old girls because man is a natural predator and the stronger ones in nature are free to gain all the females.  You think this is not exciting? I'm human, every human deep inside finds this exciting. Etc... But I don't want to become that, it's not part of me. I could easily be in a powerful agressive position with money, which I have, even if I'm not strong. And I kind of understand what drives belief in violent revolutions, as my father always supported Stalin and admires him.

I could not care about all the misery here in Brasil, but I do. And I don't know about the poor people in US but here, poor people were always oppressed, specially in rural areas, where they were made slaves and killed if they displeased their masters and they still do to this day. In the amazon the domain is also set with fire and violence on the poorer ones. They killed even a nun.

Living conditions are terrible because all the money that should be used to built stuff like hospitals and improve schools is stolen and almost no one cares.

Would I hold back the entire human race because of my attachment to one of them?

If you want an honest answer you can talk to me when I have a daughter and am in that position. If I was objective and principled on that objectivity I would have no choice in the matter.

That's great, because you touched an important point: You don't know what it's like, so you gladly sacrifice other people's daughters. (keep in my we're being hypothetical). Should you happen to have one, you already admitted you would not know the answer. Perhaps you would love her so much that you would be horrified by what you said here.

So it's like "OK, this would not affect me directly so OK... Oh, now it will? So I'll have to rethink that..."

I'm done for today, but I hope this topic continues and we can reach conclusions.

Stop putting words in my mouth.

I told you that if we are answering the question objectively than I have no choice but to sacrifice her for the improvement of mankind and a relative cessation of suffering.

"OK, this would not affect me directly so OK... Oh, now it will? So I'll have to rethink that..."

I never said this. You are making shit up. Either this is because you are an asshole or you don't have the best grasp on English. Which is it?

You said should I want an honest answer I should ask again when you have a daughter.

But you did not consider your answer less honest when the fictional scenario was about other people's daughters. You could as easily have said "Hey, I never had a daughter. I would say yes, but that is not an 100% honest answer."

So basically what we get out of this is that you are OK with honestly saying that you would send other people's daughters to torture in exchange for the amazing benefits I described for humanity, but should the scenario of your own daughter be considered, you could not give an honest answer [that is: you don't know if you would approve of this situation happening with the girl your daugther] because you don't know what it's like having one. That's pretty similar to what I said.

The results caused by sending your daughter or other people's would be the same: Benefits attained, children tortured, parents suffering. The difference is that in the second scenario it's your daughter who's involved.

Either your answer involving other people's daughters was not honest, or you will have to admit, by saying you would have to have a daughter to think about what the answer will be, that you accept things with bad consequences for others but thinks twice when it involves yourself.

And let's leave name calling aside.

The answer is twofold. Firstly, I do not know what I would do in the situation as per my "Until I'm there" sentiment.

Objectively, I should. If I was a man whose principles were based off of said Objectivity, then I would have no choice but to offer her up as sacrifice for the human race.

This whole thing is starting to resemble the Jesus character, just a tad, wouldn't you say?

Our gasoline-pouring starts with traffic. At every light, and every clogged street, cars idle away prodigious amounts of gasoline. In stop-start traffic they burn even more. This could be avoided with staggered work attendance times, better street design, and just in time stoplight management. But no one seems interested.

We also pour away millions of gallons worth of energy in electronic lights and other security apparatuses. Probably a small percentage of our population commits crimes, but on the pretense of being free, we refuse to stop them. And so we all pay, every day in many ways.

Even greater amounts of energy are wasted in sending fools to desk jobs that achieve very little. Maybe they work four hours a week; stop the pretense of “equal” attendance, and require them to be at work for only those four hours.

More energy is wasted in traffic patrols, anti-crime efforts, worthless entertainment, convenience shopping and public government loyalty events. None of these actually make life better. They are simply a net drain.

Some might even say that we waste energy keeping alive many who clearly do not respect life enough to live. Criminals, the obese, the stupid and violent, the perverted and the self-destructive. Each one of them could be ten acres of forest land instead.

We focus on trivial problems in direct proportion to how serious the problems we ignore are. This is a survival mechanism, designed to keep us hiding from a predator through the process of denial. But it doesn’t work with the burden we face as those who have conquered nature.