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death metal black metal:
A few of you probably know that this forum has a parent site. It has recently been renovated for easier navigation and promotion of underdiscovered death metal, black metal, speed metal, thrash, grindcore and heavy/doom metal bands.

If you see any errors, please report them.

If you simply have critique or want to talk about the site, please do so here.

Our goal is to give more support to nearly-forgotten bands like Molested, Cenotaph, Malediction, Merciless, Torchure and Necrovore so that new generations can discover the actual roots of this genre below the hype ;)

Specific Attractions

1. New About Page explains the site's philosophy toward heavy metal and historical context.

2. Metal CDs section consolidates and condenses our knowledge of how to get ahold of rare metal.

3. Styles section now works more smoothly in a single pane.

4. Contest Section is there so you can win free CDs/DVDs from collaborating labels. We get nothing from this except occasional promo copies, but believe in getting free (good) stuff to our readers if possible.

5. Metal MP3 FAQ has been updated to cover recent advances in ways of swapping metal via MP3 files.

6. The new look for reviews is under testing and in coming weeks we'll move the rest to this new look.

Thanks for reading, as always.

Maybe this can be fixed by playing around with my browser settings but now the pages no longer fit on the screen correctly and require annoying and needless panning the page from side to side. I was partial to the old colors myself, but whatever floats your boat.

Hey add some Messiah reviews.

More Celt Than Sassenach:
well i dont have to scroll side to side but that might just be because i have a wide screen monitor

also ive found on the metal map there isnt new zealand, (the map where you click on a region to bring up a band list) even so my country hasnt produced much it must be worth even a mention... right?

It's a pleasant surprise that you finally decided to have an uniform look with reviews. Also your main site ANUS could benefit from the same kind of treatment for the articles.

Where do we have to click now to see this from the new pages?


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