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Self-discipline in Modernity

Self-discipline in Modernity
April 23, 2011, 03:39:14 PM
... which is why I suggest a heavy dose of discipline. If you can't figure out how to discipline yourself, join the military, there someone else will force discipline on you.

Has this been your own experience, joining the military or self-instating discipline? What have you done, and how would you gauge its effectiveness?

Re: Self-discipline in Modernity
April 23, 2011, 08:24:36 PM
I can't speak for him obviously, but having been through experiences related to this I'd like to chime in..

I joined the military as a teenage druggie loser, it's not that I didn't have discipline growing up, but it was your typical christian 10 commandments type discipline and being adopted didn't really help much in listening to my parents.  There is only so much a parent can discipline these days it seems, with how liberal and faggoty the world is, and it can't work for everyone.  The military can force absolute discipline on you unlike any other establishment I've had experience with, and it's not just on you it's on everyone around you as well.  It's all bullshit mostly when applied to reality (in my experience) but you learn discipline nonetheless and can build from it.  Not only that, but if you come from financially inferior roots, the military also offers education opportunities that make the several years more than worth it in my mind.

If it makes sense given your situation, go see the world, make life long friends, and set yourself up for future success.  Fuck it if it's all bullshit, most everything is so use it as a means to an end and move up in the world to have a bigger impact.
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Re: Self-discipline in Modernity
April 23, 2011, 09:20:16 PM
With a structured program like martial arts instruction or the military, people may get another perspective they had not yet experienced. Liking the experience is not the point and this can put some people off. That's the first selective pressure that weeds out the character defectives. It isn't fun/product. It's struggle/art in other words.

The second selective pressure is hardship or being required to push yourself beyond what you would have otherwise reasonably expected of yourself. This weeds out a few more. Those who endure and experience the growth within themselves are changed for the better for the long term. What would have been mountains in one's life path ahead end up as mere stones for the disciplined.
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Re: Self-discipline in Modernity
April 23, 2011, 11:59:33 PM
if you want to discipline yourself, do some math, some martial arts, go learn to play the violin. If you join the military to calm the fuck down and get right, the psychological alphamale fulfillment of it will be a mask to cover up the fact that you don't know where you'll be going next, what trauma (mental or phsyical) awaits you, what you're fighting for, or what corporations are behind it. essentially you're being used as a piece of shit chucked by the apelike government at a competitor..

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Re: Self-discipline in Modernity
April 25, 2011, 10:20:28 PM
What everyone here seems to be ignoring is that discipline, if not forced upon you, requires faith.  Most here will have a hard time having faith in religious leaders/doctrine, military commanders, and teachers of various kinds.  Discipline is about confidently following and asserting certain ideas without question, and while that can improve your health both physically and psychologically (in a "civilized" world like ours at least), it's largely just embracing someone else's programming of your mind.  So the extreme of discipline is being a robot, and the extreme on the opposite side of the coin is being an animal.  The real hero would be able to program and discipline himself, I think.  Occultism and martial arts seem to me to be the most promising paths for self-programming and self-discipline if you lack faith in modern leaders, but I haven't explored these personally yet.

Re: Self-discipline in Modernity
April 26, 2011, 01:10:30 AM
The real hero would be able to program and discipline himself, I think.  Occultism and martial arts seem to me to be the most promising paths for self-programming and self-discipline if you lack faith in modern leaders, but I haven't explored these personally yet.

I thought this thread was all about self-discipline.

Re: Self-discipline in Modernity
April 26, 2011, 07:11:22 PM
That's what the title would suggest, but in the very first sentence of the opening post military training is brought up as an option.

Re: Self-discipline in Modernity
April 29, 2011, 03:53:00 PM
Self-discipline as a whole is not more complicated today than it was thousands of years ago. Get yourself a notebook and keep an hour-by-hour program of all your daily activities. Not just the important things, but also trivial tasks. Plan everything, even at what hour of the day you'll brush your teeth or what pages of a book you'll read after lunch. Go Immanuel Kant at first, and when you can approach all your necessary tasks with more ease, then you may relax a bit.

Eat well and light. It's astonishing how much of a difference diet makes, but it's true. Eat lots of fruits, cereals and vegetables, cut on the meat, bread and salt (or just leave them completely). Couple this with two days a week of intense exercise, or just half an hour of brisk walking each day. After two or three weeks you'll feel more energetic and mentally alert.

Never procrastinate on your daily obligations and tasks, but with bad habits do the opposite. If, say, you're a compulsive mp3 downloader, then on the next time you feel the urge to download an album, instead you will annotate the name of the album in a text file and keep it filed on an "albums to download" directory. If you always do that, you'll be less urged the next time you feel like downloading an album. This method might seem kind of silly when read, but it is with small, trifling habits such as this that your self-discipline demon is nurtured each passing day. Be consistent, and before you know it you will be able to do things you never thought possible, like writing novels, music, bodybuilding, or whatever suits your fancy.
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